Top 5 worst biomes for Minecraft survival

Unsuitable biomes for Minecraft survival (Image via Minecraft)
Unsuitable biomes for Minecraft survival (Image via Minecraft)
Rohan Jaiswal

Every Minecraft world created with default settings will have a lot of unique biomes. These are different regions of the world, and most of them have special features. For example, acacia trees can only be found in the savanna biome and its variants.

Survival mode is one of the, if not the most played game modes of Minecraft. A few of the biomes will help the players gather essential items, while others will make their survival journey slightly harder.

Substandard biomes in Minecraft survival


5) Desert

Desert biome (Image via Minecraft)
Desert biome (Image via Minecraft)

The desert is not as bad as some of the other biomes on the list. Players should avoid playing Minecraft survival in the desert because it does not have trees or useful passive mobs such as sheep and cows.

Due to this, the rate at which players would make progress in the game is significantly reduced.

4) Badlands

Mesa/Badlands biome (Image via Minecraft)
Mesa/Badlands biome (Image via Minecraft)

Badlands are made of terracotta blocks of different colors, and they have significantly more gold than any other biome. Badlands are on this list because trees, water, and grass are very uncommon, and no passive mobs can be found here.

Trees are essential, especially in the early days of a survival world, as they provide wood and sticks, which are required to craft tools and weapons.

3) Swamp

Swamp biome in 1.17 (Image via Minecraft)
Swamp biome in 1.17 (Image via Minecraft)

The swamp is one of the dullest biomes in Minecraft, where almost everything, including the water, is discolored. There is only one small structure generated here, which is the witch hut. However, the swamp will be completely changed with the 1.19 update. Until then, it is one of the worst biomes for survival.

2) Ocean

A small island in lukewarm ocean biome (Image via Minecraft)
A small island in lukewarm ocean biome (Image via Minecraft)

While living in and exploring the ocean biome, players rarely find structures. The ocean is a hard place to live in during survival. Even if the player is on a small island generated somewhere in the sea, obtaining basic items is a hassle.

1) Ice Spikes

Ice Spikes biome (Image via Minecraft)
Ice Spikes biome (Image via Minecraft)

The terrain generated in the Ice Spikes biome is truly magnificent. The whole biome is covered in spikes of packed ice and snow and is home to polar bears and rabbits.

Sadly, this isn't a good place to live as it doesn't provide essential items such as wood. Players won't be able to collect things from mobs either, as only two mobs spawn here.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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