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5 best Minecraft Redstone builds

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Anna Perella
Modified 18 Feb 2021
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Redstone in Minecraft has been helpful to players in regards to helping them survive and aiding inefficient methods.

For some players, traps, locomotion, farming, and combat all include redstone to assist them by making their play more swift and orderly.

However, redstone is not only used for utility but for fun as well as to gain better knowledge of systems.

Some players may want to construct a long-distance railway with powered rails to speed up their travels, while others may want to use activator rails and redstone for a roller coaster instead.

The following list contains interesting and simple redstone builds for Minecraft players to enjoy.

Top 5 Minecraft Redstone builds

#5 - Dancefloor

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

A dancefloor in Minecraft can come in handy for those looking to gain experience with Redstone and LAN server get-togethers. This is a fun and lighthearted build, which is good for both beginners and mature players.

The materials required to build this are:

  • 4 redstone repeaters
  • 7 redstone dust
  • 16 redstone lamps
  • 32 observers
  • 1 lever

To build this, begin by digging a seven-block long, four-block wide pit that's three places deep. At one end of the plot, dig another two spaces on either side. It should look like the image above.

After that, place down the redstone dust and repeaters identical to those in the following image. The repeaters should be at the highest setting. Place a 4 * 4 layer of observer blocks adjacent to the repeaters.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

On top of the initial layer of observers, place another layer facing up. Activate the redstone and then turn the switch off quickly. This will keep the rotation between repeaters going without running through the motions only once.

The last step is to place redstone lamps on the observers for a dancefloor. This should leave Minecraft players with a functional dancefloor to party on.

#4 - Redstone Powered Note Blocks


For those who are musically inclined, this is an excellent addition. It can be difficult when the build runs large but is nevertheless very rewarding.

On the other hand, small-scale redstone note block builds can present a healthy challenge to those who are new to redstone or the game as a whole.

#3 - Traps

Image via
Image via

Traps in Minecraft have continued to prevent mobs and other players from killing or stealing from others.

One of the most famous traps is the sand pitfall. Redstone is an integral factor in trap building. An example of a foolproof redstone trap is a sweeper, using a tripwire hook to activate pistons, which push the player off of the platform into the void, off a high place, or into another form of demise (lava or zombie pit).

Instructions on how to build an anvil trap in Minecraft using redstone can be found here.

#2 - TNT Launcher


TNT is a powerful tool in Minecraft, and some have even integrated it into their mining as well as combat. With this launcher, Minecraft players can keep their bases safe from dangerous mobs and other players.

#1 - Roller Coasters

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

One of the most fun builds is the Minecraft roller coaster. Not only is it amusing, but impressive and gratifying. Furthermore, it isn't difficult to build.

Minecraft roller coasters are truly trial-and-error in how they're constructed and how they run. They are mainly comprised of basic rails, powered rails, activator rails, redstone dust, and other redstone items.

Materials needed to build a roller coaster in Minecraft are:

  • 5 activator rail
  • 7 powered rail
  • 10 rail
  • 4 redstone dust
  • 2 redstone torches
  • X-amount of base blocks.

Any amount of the previously mentioned materials will do, but for the purposes of demonstration, these will be the parameters.

Lay down the base blocks, including some sort of incline and decline along the way. To make use of the redstone easier, double up the base blocks like the image above.

Begin the roller coaster with all four activator rails required, which should be lit with a redstone torch, in which the powered rail should proceed. When the decline is reached, regular rail should be sufficient. The final result might look like this:

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

These Minecraft Redstone builds are just the tip of the iceberg for possibilities. Redstone is a component of creativity in the game and should be taken advantage of.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 14:31 IST
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