Trial chamber's massive size amazes Minecraft community 

Minecraft 1.21
Minecraft 1.21's new trial chamber structures have impressed fans with their size and scope (Image via Mandroid2662mk/Reddit)

Minecraft 1.21 may not have arrived yet, but recent betas released by Mojang have given players a taste of its upcoming features. One such addition, a structure known as the trial chamber, has impressed fans with its varied layouts and treasure potential. One player recently shared a post to the game's subreddit and expressed his astonishment at how large trial chambers really are.

On November 8, 2023, Redditor Nomercylaborfor3990 shared a screenshot of a trial chamber completely unearthed from its underground confines. The player remarked that the new chamber structures were "massive," and the provided screenshot certainly supported that assertion.

In the comments, Minecraft fans discussed the size of trial chambers in the 1.21 update.

Minecraft players discuss the trial chamber in the upcoming 1.21 update

In the comments section under Nomercylaborfor3990's post, players remarked that the trial chamber shared in the screenshot was quite small compared to some of its counterparts in Minecraft. Since the structure is procedurally generated, players stated that they had seen trial chambers with as many as 20 different rooms, some of which were the size of the ancient cities introduced in The Wild Update.

By using the /fill command, Nomercylaborfor3990 cleared out a wide swath of blocks underground where trial chambers currently spawn in Java snapshots and Bedrock previews.

Some players in the comments stated that trial chambers could look better on the exterior. However, considering they generate deep underground, players only really see the exterior when they mine around the structure. Moreover, Mojang may touch up the outside as update 1.21 approaches.

Players are surprised by how large some trial chambers can get (Image via Reddit)
Players are surprised by how large some trial chambers can get (Image via Reddit)

Due to their size and relatively boxy outer composition, some Minecraft fans held out hope that trial chambers would see additional revisions in future snapshots/previews to make them feel a little less artificial in their environment. Since some trial chambers will likely appear in large subterranean caves, the boxiness of the current state of the structures might stick out visually.

Meanwhile, some Minecraft fans imagined how they could set up bases within trial chambers to have continued access to the trial spawner blocks. These new blocks are capable of spawning various hostile mobs, including the new Breeze mob, based on the number of players exploring the structure. When all hostiles are beaten, trial spawners offer a plethora of rewards, including the new trial key item.

Players imagine potential base creation within a trial chamber (Image via Reddit)
Players imagine potential base creation within a trial chamber (Image via Reddit)

Whatever the case, the size, loot, and varied layout of trial chambers seem to have left a good first impression on the player base.

Since the 1.21 update is still quite some time away, it's likely that Mojang will continue to tweak and rework this new structure before it fully arrives. After all, Java snapshots and Bedrock previews are experimental versions and don't represent a final product.