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Villager vs Pillager in Minecraft: Everything a player needs to know

Villagers (Image via YouTube)
Villagers (Image via YouTube)
Holly Ellison
Modified 31 Mar 2021

Villagers and pillagers are opposing mobs in Minecraft, similar to how two different countries would oppose one another in the real world.

Villagers are on the player's side, offering the player trades and goods, and welcoming players into their villages and homes. Pillagers on the other hand are hostile towards players, villagers, and other mobs on the player's side.

These two mobs have a lot of differences and similarities between the two. Here's everything a player needs to know about villagers and pillagers in Minecraft.

Major differences between Villagers and Pillagers in Minecraft

Pillagers Minecraft (Image via minecraft.fandom)
Pillagers Minecraft (Image via minecraft.fandom)


One of the most notable differences between villagers and pillagers in Minecraft is their jarringly different behaviors.

Villagers are extremely peaceful mobs in Minecraft. These mobs never hurt each other or the player. Whenever villagers are threatened they tend to run away and hide in their houses.

Villagers are easily frightened by mobs, pillagers, and even weather. Villagers will run inside if it rains or thunders outside. They will also stay indoors all night. Villagers tend not to travel very far away from their bed or house unless they're going to a worksite or their gossip circle.

Pillagers on the other hand, are extremely hostile creatures. Their goal is to capture unsuspecting villages. These hostile mobs live and spawn near outposts and woodland mansions. They often go out on raids and patrols, and more pillagers can spawn in these as well.


Pillagers are not scared like villagers, these creatures will travel at night and during any sort of weather. They are known to attack players, villagers, and any other peaceful mob associated with villagers and players.

Similarities between Villagers and Pillagers in Minecraft

Pillager attire (Image via
Pillager attire (Image via


Villagers and pillagers are known for their similar appearances. Both appear around the same height as the player and are characterized by their large noses and heads.

The only main differences in appearance between pillagers and villagers are their gray skin and clothing.

Minecraft lore

Minecraft pillager outpost (Image via minecraftseedhq)
Minecraft pillager outpost (Image via minecraftseedhq)

In Minecraft lore, pillagers are just villagers that were exiled from their villages and ended up joining the pillager outposts and woodland mansions. That's why they have a common physical appearance.

Spawned creatures

Minecraft Iron Golem (Image via mcmobs.fandom)
Minecraft Iron Golem (Image via mcmobs.fandom)

Pillagers and villagers both have creatures that spawn to help defend their tribes.

Villagers spawn Iron Golems around their villages to keep the villagers safe from hostile mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and pillagers. These Iron Golems are peaceful unless a villager is attacked. When a villager is attacked or threatened, the Iron Golem will attack that mob until it dies.

Pillagers on the other hand, spawn Ravagers during their raids. Ravagers are spawned only to help pillagers attack villages. Ravagers will defend pillagers, but only in the case of attacking a village.

Some pillager attacks, especially magical ones from the Evoker, can damage ravagers. This causes the Ravager to turn hostile towards the pillagers. This is a big difference between Iron Golems and Ravagers, as Iron Golems would never turn on a villager.

Who would win in a fight?


Pillagers and villagers are known to fight because of the pillagers hostile behavior. In a fight between pillagers and villagers, the pillagers almost always win. This is because a villager's only defense is their Iron Golems.

If a player or two is aiding the village in defense in a raid, the villagers are much more likely to win.

Published 31 Mar 2021, 01:36 IST
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