What does Allay mob do in Minecraft? Everything about the upcoming mob that won the vote in 2021

Allay is the winner of Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 (Image via Mojang)
Allay is the winner of Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 (Image via Mojang)
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Minecraft Live 2021 turned out to be a fantastic event. It started with many content creators giving an entertaining pre-show, the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 showcase, unveiling of The Wild Update, and ended with the winner of Mob Vote 2021.

Every year, Mojang hosts a vote during the annual Minecraft event to give the community a chance to decide which biome should be updated next or which mob should be added in the next update.

Mob Vote 2021 gave players a chance to vote for Glare, Allay, or Copper Golem. This year's mob vote was a fierce one as all three candidates were adorable and useful. Unfortunately, there could only be one mob and it was the Allay.

Allay will join Minecraft's new mob list

And your winning mob is… the Allay! Woohoo, cookies – or any other items – for all!

Minecraft Mob 2021 was themed around utility as all candidates served a technical purpose. Glare would have helped players locate dark areas and Copper Golem could have been used for decoration and automation.

Both Glare and Copper Golem were interesting mob concepts, but the Minecraft community decided to go with Allay. This mob will definitely be helpful for all kinds of players.

In third place it’s the Glare, we guess you aren’t as afraid of the dark as we are? That leaves the Allay and the Copper Golem going head-to-head in the final round!Vote for your winner now!

After getting only 11.2% votes, Glare became the first mob to be eliminated. The final round was between Allay and Copper Golem. Allay won the Mob Vote 2021 with 54.3% votes.

Allay's abilities


Allay is a tiny bluish, vex-like mob first revealed on October 12, 2021. Even though it shares similarities with vexes, Allay is a friendly, music-loving creature. This mob is like a flying drone that will collect items for players.

After an Allay is given any item to hold, it will search nearby areas for that particular item. After collecting a stack of the given item, Allay will return to the player and drop everything upon hearing a note block.

Allay will help collect items and let players store them in an organized way without making complicated contraptions. Hopefully, Allay will have the same ability as vexes to pass through blocks. Beginners and advanced players will love Allay when it arrives in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update next year.

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