What are the best uses of Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

Smooth Stone blocks in Minecraft (Image via PCGamesN)
Smooth Stone blocks in Minecraft (Image via PCGamesN)

Minecraft has received countless updates featuring new gameplay, mobs, items, and blocks in its decade-long history. As a result, what started with just some dirt, stone and logs now has hundreds of unique blocks.

While adding new content to Minecraft, the developers did not forget about the old blocks. Over time, Mojang has added new types of old blocks such as smokers, blast furnaces, mossy cobblestones, Smooth Stones, and more.

Smooth Stone was added to Minecraft in the Java Edition beta 1.3. It is one of the oldest blocks in the game, and players can smelt stone blocks in a furnace to get Smooth Stones.

Uses of Smooth Stones in Minecraft

Craft blast furnace

Blast furnace recipe (Image via Minecraft)
Blast furnace recipe (Image via Minecraft)

Smooth Stones can be commonly used to craft a blast furnace. Using five iron ingots, three Smooth Stones, and a furnace, players can craft a blast furnace in Minecraft.

A blast furnace is an improved variant of regular furnaces. Gamers can use it for smelting ore blocks at twice the rate of a regular furnace. However, blast furnaces also consume twice the amount of fuel.

Players can also use it for smelting the new raw ores added in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 1.

Armor stands

Players can turn smooth stone blocks into slabs using a crafting table or stonecutter. Then, with one slab and six sticks, they can craft an armor stand in Minecraft.

Armor stands are used for storing chestplates, leggings, boots, helmets, or heads. They are also treated as an entity and can be pushed with pistons, slimes, and more.

Players can use armor stands in Redstone contraptions as well.


Smooth Stone blocks in a pattern (Image via Minecraft)
Smooth Stone blocks in a pattern (Image via Minecraft)

Smooth Stones have a light gray texture with a thin boundary on all of their sides. Players can use them to build floors in their Minecraft builds.

Additionally, as Smooth Stone blocks can be turned into slabs, players can use them for spawn-proofing their base as well.

A note block placed on a Smooth Stone block will produce a "bass drum" sound. Players can also use slabs instead of complete blocks to save some resources and time.

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