What is the easiest way to get diamond tools and armor in Minecraft?

Diamond tools and armor (Image via Minecraft)
Diamond tools and armor (Image via Minecraft)

Armor and tools are essential items in Minecraft that will help the player survive against vicious creatures. These items can be crafted using resources like iron and diamonds.

Diamonds are the best resource for crafting items. However, obtaining enough of them for a full set of diamond armor, tools and weapons takes a great deal of time.

This article discusses how to obtain diamond items in Minecraft more easily.

Trade is a great way to obtain diamond items in Minecraft

Many beginners are unaware that there's more than one way of acquiring diamond tools and items in Minecraft. Instead of crafting them using diamonds, players can trade emeralds for diamond items and diamond weapons with armorers and toolsmiths, respectively. Diamond items obtained by trading will also come with a few low-level enchantments.

It is worth noting that only weaponsmiths of Expert or higher level and toolsmiths of Journeyman or higher level will trade diamond items.

How to get toolsmith and armorer villagers

A toolsmith (Image via Minecraft)
A toolsmith (Image via Minecraft)

Villagers in Minecraft either already have a profession or are made to take up a profession. To convert an unemployed villager into a trader, players need to place a job site block next to it.

The job site block for the armorer is a blast furnace, and for the toolsmith, it is the smithing table.

If a villager already has a profession but is not an armorer or toolsmith, players can break its job site block to make it unemployed again. However, this will only work if no players have traded with that villager.

Reducing the cost of trade


By turning a trader into a zombie and curing it, players can significantly reduce the cost at which it offers items.

To zombify a villager, it needs to be attacked by a zombie. The chances that it will become a zombie after being attacked are 0% on easy difficulty, 50% on normal and 100% on hard difficulty.

Curing a zombie villager is quite easy. Players need to throw a splash potion of weakness on it and then give it a golden apple. The curing process can take up to five minutes.

After it's cured, its trade offers will become cheaper, and players can also repeat this process a few times to reduce the trade costs further.

Leveling up traders to required levels

Trading will level up villagers (Image via Minecraft)
Trading will level up villagers (Image via Minecraft)

To level up armorers and toolsmiths to levels at which they start offering diamond items, players need to keep trading with them.

At Novice and Apprentice levels, trading coal with armorers and toolsmiths is the best option. If the player has an iron farm, they can also trade iron ingots with Apprentice level traders for emeralds.

If the trader does not offer any good trades, players can break and place their job site blocks to change their offers.

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