Curtis Blaydes explains why Jon Jones would struggle in the UFC heavyweight division

UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes during a weigh-in
UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes during a weigh-in
Modified 25 Feb 2021

Curtis Blaydes advises the former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon 'Bones' Jones against a move for the division above. It isn't because Blaydes is afraid of Jones' presence, but because he doesn't think Jones has the right physique.

Blaydes has been linked to a possible fight with Jones, although he doesn't completely believe Jones will ever make the change.

"Is he really going to be a heavyweight?" Blaydes questioned in a recent interview with MMA Fighting. "I see him on Twitter a lot calling out Israel Adesanya. Francis Ngannou has asked for Jones a couple of times, and it's been crickets. Is he really going up to heavyweight? I don't know. I think it's a publicity stunt. Just like all those other times."

Blaydes supposes that if Jones ever goes ahead and joins the UFC heavyweights, he wouldn't stay for too long before returning to the category in which he has established himself as one of the greatest fighters of all time.

"I think he will do one heavyweight fight against one guy, Stipe. And then win, lose, or draw, even if he wins, he vacates that belt and goes back down to light heavyweight. He is not a legitimate heavyweight."

Earlier in the year, when Jones signalled seriously about the move, 'Razor' Blaydes was already on the lookout with the same opinion.

"I think he has all the skills in the world. I don't think there is anyone with such creativity as him.," Blaydes said in an interview with BJPENN in February. "But in our division, weight becomes a key factor. I think about how Max Holloway fared against Dustin Poirier when he wanted to move up to 155 pounds. He landed good shots, but when Poirier did it, you could see that they were much stronger."

Curtis Blaydes thinks Jon Jones is not suitable to be a UFC heavyweight

Jon' Bones' Jones has been active on his social media, posting pictures showing his recent muscle growth in preparation for a possible fight at the UFC heavyweight category.

Blaydes thinks that Jones is missing the point if he thinks strength is the secret ingredient for facing a heavyweight adversary.

"Your strength isn't going to work. Your technique isn't going to work. I'm just heavier than you are. I just have added gravity. It's a factor."

Being a heavyweight competitor for eight years, Blaydes understands that the techniques and instincts a fighter develops in his own category are essential if you want to compete as a heavyweight.

"It's a whole different world. And if you haven't been a heavyweight your whole life, it's different leverage," Blaydes said. "When I get on top of somebody, I don't have to do all the other little checks, and balances guys in other weight classes do. I have gravity. I can pin you with just my knee. I don't have to get an underhook or all the other stuff. I can hold you down with just my hips and legs, and I can hit you with my hands. He's not used to that," the 'Razor' examined.

Talking about Jones' qualities, Blaydes is the first to compliment them. He has referred to Jones as the 'GOAT' (Greatest Of All Time) many times and always tries to clarify that Jones is a great fighter, but not suitable for being a heavyweight.

"I think if he comes to have a fight with a big boy, he can end up knocked out. I also know that he is an amazing fighter, that he has good jiu-jitsu, but again weight and gravity are a big factor in heavyweight," said Blaydes. "Speaking of myself personally, I bet those who hit harder would be successful against him. I also think I could deal with him on the floor. The power I put on the floor could kill him."

'Razor' Blaydes has no interest in opposing the longest-reigning light heavyweight champion in UFC's history for the moment. As he reckons he should be linked up to a fight for the division's belt after he faces Derrick Lewis.

Published 26 Nov 2020
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