Demetrious Johnson can't call a winner in a hypothetical Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor fight

Demetrious Johnson in a Fortnite event
Demetrious Johnson in a Fortnite event

Former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson is interested in a possible fight between UFC legend Conor McGregor and YouTube star Jake Paul. In a recent interview with the South China Morning Post, Johnson talked about his expectations if the bout with Jake Paul ever happened.

When asked if he had seen the video where Jake Paul makes a drive-by water balloon attack on McGregor's friend, Dillon Danis, Johnson laughed. The inaugural UFC flyweight champion said he understands the bout's appeal, and that he thinks it would break all pay-per-view records.

"If Jake Paul was to fight Conor McGregor or if he was to fight Dillon Danis, it would probably be the highest purchase of pay-per-view of all time. I mean, that video itself has one million views so far. This is where it comes out to the money fight," a good-humored Johnson said. "If you look at Conor versus Dustin Poirier, or Conor McGregor versus Jake Paul, I think they would probably sell bigger PPVs with Jake Paul. Just because of his name, right? I mean, that's why Floyd Mayweather is fighting Logan Paul. It is what it is."

Jake Paul's attack on Danis was the latest effort from the YouTuber to provoke McGregor. Before that video, the youngest of the Paul brothers posted another video where he makes an offensive call-out to the former UFC double-champion.

Johnson, who is considered by many to be the best MMA fighter ever, said he would have to see the boxing fight to determine who would come out victorious between McGregor and Jake Paul.

"He [Jake Paul] said he wants to fight him [Conor McGregor] in a boxing [bout]. He is saying [that] he can beat these guys in boxing. And do I think he would beat Dillan Danis on boxing? Yeah, 1,000%," joked Johnson. "But would he beat Conor McGregor? I have no idea, but I think [that] he is bigger than Conor, right? So, he has the size advantage. But, I mean, if Jake Paul and Conor fight, I will be watching it."

Demetrious Johnson currently competes in Singapore-based fighting promotion ONE Championship, where he is the number one flyweight contender. After losing his belt to Henry Cejudo in UFC 227 via split decision, Johnson left the promotion in which he defended the flyweight title successfully on 11 occasions.

Dana White responds to Jake Paul's insults

UFC president Dana White was one of the targets in the call-out video where Jake Paul offered Conor McGregor $50 million for a boxing bout.

White was dismissive about Paul's attempt to convince the world that he is suited to fight McGregor. The UFC boss said that McGregor wouldn't waste his time with some "YouTube kids," and suggested that Jake Paul should fight Amanda Nunes, the current top-ranked women's UFC pound-for-pound fighter.

The Brazilian fighter, who is the first and only athlete in UFC's history to defend two titles while actively holding them, said she would accept the challenge of fighting Jake Paul.

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