Chael Sonnen says Jon Jones "in a tough spot", draws parallel to Roy Jones Jr.

Chael Sonnen (left), Jon Jones (center), Roy Jones Jr. (right) [Left image via Chael Sonnen on YouTube]
Chael Sonnen (left), Jon Jones (center), Roy Jones Jr. (right) [Left image via Chael Sonnen on YouTube]
Avinash Tewari

Jon Jones recently made headlines when he revealed that his potential fight against former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic would most likely be pushed to September. Miocic said he would be at his peak then, and 'Bones' claimed he wanted to fight the heavyweight G.O.A.T at his best.

Stipe is saying that he will be at his absolute peak in September. I’m disappointed but patient, I want the heavyweight goat at his absolute best. I’ll wait until September. No excuses

Chael Sonnen has a long history with Jon Jones, but 'The American Gangster' has always appreciated the former light heavyweight kingpin's extraordinary skills inside the octagon. In a recent video, Sonnen discussed Jones' heavyweight debut getting pushed further and noted that 'Bones' might not have an option but to wait, given that no other fight makes sense for him at heavyweight other than champion Francis Ngannou, who is currently recovering from a knee injury.

"I could think of a few guys that I would like to see Stipe fight... They would all fail in comparison to Jon Jones. However, on the other side of the coin, I could not name a few guys that I want to see Jon fight. I can only name one. And if you push me to name two, oh OK, well then I gotta go back to Francis which seems very unlikely," said Sonnen.

Additionally, the former UFC title challenger said that Jones could be in a tough spot from being too good at what he does:

"It's a tough spot for Jon. Like, there is a way to be too good, truly. I'll come back to the Roy Jones effect... anybody involved in boxing, all agreed that Roy Jones Jr. was the fighter of the decade, but there were tons of fights that Roy didn't sell out arenas, there were zero of those fights that ever set any records. It was just because Roy was so doggone good. Jon is very much in that same element.

Watch the segment and full video below:


Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic could be for interim heavyweight title

The former light heavyweight champion has been teasing a move to heavyweight for well over a year now. While he was initially rumored to fight Francis Ngannou after 'The Predator' beat Miocic at UFC 260, the fight fell through owing to negotiations between 'Bones' and the UFC.

In the past few weeks, talks of a potential fight between the former light heavyweight champion and former heavyweight champion have set the MMA community abuzz. This bout could be for the interim belt, seeing as how the Cameroonian champion is a long way from returning to the octagon.

Stipe Miocic vs Jon Jones for the Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship?! Daniel Cormier thinks the UFC will book @stipemiocic vs @JonnyBones for the Interim Belt will Francis recovers from injury. Who would you pick to win this fight & do you wanna see it?! 🔥🦴

If this fight happens in September and has an interim title on the line, it will undoubtedly be one of the biggest title fights in the promotion's history. Jon Jones is regarded by many as the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, and Stipe Miocic is widely considered the greatest heavyweight in UFC history.

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