"Conor was always a good loser" - UFC official sheds light on whether Conor McGregor will face consequences for his post UFC 264 comments 

UFC official opens up on Conor McGregor's post-UFC 264 antics
UFC official opens up on Conor McGregor's post-UFC 264 antics
Anwesha Nag

Conor McGregor has never been a sore loser and has almost always been gracious in defeat, be it after his submission loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 or after getting knocked out by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

However, UFC 264 saw a different avatar of the Irishman both before and after the fight. In the lead-up to the fight, the Irishman involved Dustin Poirier's wife Jolie in the trash-talk, which many said was a page taken out of Jake Paul's book. After his bizarre injury and subsequent loss, Conor McGregor hurled offensive comments at the Poiriers in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan as well.

UFC official Marc Ratner, a member of the promotion's Code of Conduct Committee, recently provided an insight into whether Conor McGregor will face any consequences for his actions on the In This Corner podcast on FiteTV.

The full episode is yet to be aired, but a clip shared by Amber Renee Dixon on Twitter showed Marc Ratner saying there have been "conversations" between the UFC and Conor McGregor about the matter. Marc Ratner also criticized Joe Rogan's decision to interview McGregor right after the fight when he was sitting on the ground defeated and in pain with a broken leg.

"I don't know if we're going to have an actual code of conduct meeting, but there's certainly, with some senior executives including Dana that are very much aware of that, and we certainly, and I certainly don't condone that kind of talk. There's no reason for that. Conor was always a very good loser in his own way... and maybe you shouldn't interview him when he's on the ground with a broken leg and maybe that comes into play because who knows what he's going to say, but yeah I think that there's been conversations with Conor," Marc Ratner said.

Many people, including Conor McGregor's coach John Kavanagh, are also of the opinion that the pain from the broken leg perhaps resulted in the Irishman's uncharacteristic outburst post-UFC 264.

What did Conor McGregor say to Dustin and Jolie Poirier after UFC 264?

In the lead-up to UFC 264, Conor McGregor continuously vowed to "kill" and "murder" Dustin Poirier inside the octagon and turn him into a "corpse." Even as he lay on the mat with a broken tibia and fibula, Conor McGregor threatened Poirier by making gun signs, followed by calling his wife Jolie a "little h*e."

Conor McGregor later continued with the threats in a series of deleted tweets under pictures of Dustin Poirier with his wife and daughter.

Dustin Poirier, on the other hand, was a class act as ever in his post-fight octagon interview as well as in the media interviews that followed, despite the brewing animosity.

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