Conor McGregor less likely to become three-division champion than Henry Cejudo states Josh Thomson

Conor McGregor (left) and Henry Cejudo (right) (Images via Getty)
Conor McGregor (left) and Henry Cejudo (right) (Images via Getty)

Conor McGregor and Henry Cejudo are currently in a race to determine who could be the first fighter to hold UFC gold in three weight divisions. According to 'Big' John McCarthy and Josh Thomson, that's going to be a tough goal for either one to achieve.

In a new episode of Weighing In, Thomson said:

"If we had to pick and choose, I'd go Henry over Conor for sure, but realistically probably neither one of them."

Thomson explained his thought process, running through Henry Cejudo's chances against the top fighters at featherweight. He said:

"Henry Cejudo stylistically is a bad match-up for everyone. Now Volkanovski, I agree with you, has to go to 155, then Henry can slide in there. Stylistically the Ortega fight is not a good fight for him because it's submissions and as well on the feet the reach, the range, and the power. Max Holloway, though, is a good fight for him. He can take him down, control him, Max doesn't have the submissions that Brian Ortega has, so that's a good fight for him. I don't know if he could hang out and linger there as champion very long, because it's just too dangerous at that weight class."

Watch John McCarthy and Josh Thomson discuss Conor McGregor and Henry Cejudo's triple champ ambitions below:


Henry Cejudo clearly has more support for his cause because he left the sport on top. When he left in May 2020, he was the flyweight and bantamweight champion and on a six fight winning streak. McGregor, by comparison, is 1-3 since he dropped his featherweight and lightweight titles to box Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

Conor McGregor should fight Jorge Masvidal next, says Sean O'Malley

Conor McGregor has been very consistent during recent interviews that he plans to fight at welterweight and win the 170 pound title. And while 'The Notorious' has been looking huge in recent photos, UFC president Dana White doesn't sound so sure an immediate title fight would be best for the UFC's biggest star.

Jorge Masvidal licking his lips during Conor McGregor's post fight interview with Joe Rogan. #UFC246

With McGregor too big for lightweight, 'Suga' Sean O'Malley thinks a fight with Jorge Masvidal would work. He said:

"I think Conor-Jorge makes sense right now... It'd be a knockout, 400% sure. 500% sure... I don't even know if [McGregor] can make 155 pounds. Let's be real. 170 pounds is probably more realistic."

Brendan Schaub also declared that the UFC needs interesting opponents for both Masvidal and McGregor. He said:

"They gotta get a return on their investment. The biggest return they can get is Conor McGregor-[Jorge] Masvidal. So it makes a lot of sense."
Jorge Masvidal prefers fighting Conor McGregor over Kamaru Usman: “It’s a formula for success... Conor is the bigger fight."

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