MMA legend Randy Couture praises Jake Paul for raising the issue of fighter pay in the UFC

Randy Couture (left) lauded Jake Paul (center) for bringing up the fighter pay issue in the Dana White-owned (right) Ultimate Fighting Championship
Randy Couture (left) lauded Jake Paul (center) for bringing up the fighter pay issue in the Dana White-owned (right) Ultimate Fighting Championship

Jake Paul has received support from Randy Couture in his fight against UFC president Dana White.

'The Problem Child' has consistently criticized White for underpaying his fighters. In a chat with Chris Van Vliet, Couture claimed that the Paul brothers were right in pointing out the fighter pay issue in the UFC.

"I'm not a fan of all the antics and rhetoric from the Paul brothers. But they are doing something that's poking Dana White and shining a light on the disparaging difference between fighter pay in MMA versus boxing. There's no transparency in MMA. How are you supposed to negotiate your fair value in the market place if nobody knows how much money is being made. That transparency is there in boxing because of the (Muhammad) Ali act that was implemented in 1996 to protect boxers from promoters like (Bob) Arum and Don King, who were taking advantage of the boxing world."

Randy Couture also spoke about the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. He claimed that there's no such federal legislation in MMA due to people like Dana White.

"We don't enjoy those luxuries, protections from that federal legislation in MMA. When blobbing hard to try and get that to a vote in Congress and then on the Senate floor, obviously, with the relationship between Donald Trump and Dana White, it was very difficult to get it done during that administration. But we're not having much success now either because the UFC has still got lobbyists working against us. They are doing their due dilligence to keep this from getting to a vote because if anybody really looks at the situation, it's a no-brainer," said Randy Couture.

Watch Randy Couture speak about Jake Paul and the fighter pay issue in the UFC during a conversation with Chris Van Vliet below:


Jake Paul continues to target the UFC and Dana White has no idea of entertaining him

Jake Paul has called out Dana White yet again, this time to challenge Jorge Masvidal to a boxing bout.

However, the UFC president has ruled out the proposition by saying that 'Gamebred' is still an active star in his promotion.

"JAKE?! JAKE?! JAKE?!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Dana White responds to @JakePaul's hope to fight Jorge Masvidal.Full video:

White has suggested that Jake Paul could face free agents like former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva instead.

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