"You can kiss your manager!" - Paulo Costa lists the benefits of having his girlfriend Tamara Alves as his manager

L-R Paulo Costa and Tamara Alves [Image credits- via Instagram @borrachinhamma and YouTube @ESPNMMA]
L-R Paulo Costa and Tamara Alves [Image credits- via Instagram @borrachinhamma and YouTube @ESPNMMA]

Paulo Costa is set to meet former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in the co-main event of the UFC 278 pay-per-view this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In a sport where management agencies seem to be a mainstay, the 31-year-old Brazilian has set himself apart by enlisting his girlfriend Tamara Alves as his manager.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda MMA's Andrew Whitelaw, ‘Borrachinha’ discussed a number of topics, including his upcoming UFC 278 clash against Luke Rockhold and his decision to leave renowned manager Wallid Ismail.

Interestingly, when asked what was the best thing about having his girlfriend manage him instead, the Brazilian said:

“The best things you know… you can kiss the manager. But no, I think she knows me very well, 10 years together.”

The No.6-ranked middleweight contender went on to explain the benefits of having someone who he knows is looking out for what is best for him, saying:

“And of course, she is looking for my best to me you know, and I think no emotional, no fake expectations just, ‘Yes, I think this is better or not for you,’ you know? It’s not just business or just money It’s care about the career, you know, the whole career. So I think this is the big thing.”

Check out Sportskeeda MMA's interview with Paulo Costa below:


Paulo Costa explains change in manager from Wallid Ismail to girlfriend Tamara Alves

Paulo Costa is now among a select group of fighters in mixed martial arts to be represented by a loved one. Costa recently parted ways with his manager of many years, Wallid Ismail, in favor of his girlfriend Tamara Alves.

Thanks to a translation by Sherdog of a video uploaded to Costa's own YouTube channel, we now have better insight into the decision.

The Brazilian explained that he still holds Ismail in very high regard and insisted that he only has good things to say about his former manager. However, he did admit that they parted ways due to differences in their views about his career path.

Check out Costa's video below:


While ‘Borrachinha’ isn’t the first fighter to switch management, the fact that it came so close to his fight with Luke Rockhold at UFC 278 surprised many.

Nevertheless, many fans have come out in support of the 31-year-old's decision on social media. Some even drew parallels with former UFC welterweight fighter Mike Perry, who is represented by his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez.

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