Jake Paul says UFC will introduce long-term healthcare for fighters before he dies - "I'm not going to stop until there's change"

Jake Paul [center] at Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley
Jake Paul [center] at Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul has vowed to push long-term health care and a pay bump for UFC fighters as long as he can.

In a brief conversation with ESPN MMA, Paul reiterated that he will utilize everything at his disposal and he's not going to stop until "there is change." Moreover, the YouTube star-turned-pro boxer swore that as long as he lives, the fight continues.

"My investment into Endeavor is to push for the ESG-the Environmental and Governance Standards in the UFC to be proper and to be how they should be,” Paul stressed.

Paul added that change in the UFC would not be easy but he was not going to stop:

“100%! It's an uphill battle. It's a long battle but we’re starting and we’re raising awareness and we're getting the conversation going and more and more people are speaking up about it," he continued. "I'm not saying I'm going to do this whole thing by myself but I'm not going to give up and I'm not going to stop until there is change because that's how this generation works, we get what we want with our voice and with our platform. It's a beautiful thing. We will see change and you will see the UFC pay their fighters more, you will see long-term health care before I die.”

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Paul's recent investment in Endeavor, UFC's parent company, was a huge step forward in his "endeavor" to ensure that UFC fighters are treated fairly. However, some view it as just "a good troll."

I’ve invested in EDR (UFC) stock with my partner @geoffreywoo 2 focus on UFCs ESG standards relating to fighters. We believe EDR can drive long-term economic value by increasing UFC fighter pay & providing them healthcare. Reaching out to @EngineNo_1 to partner on this “endeavor”

Jake Paul is getting support from former UFC stars

Aside from Jake Paul, a number of former UFC fighters are also constantly taking digs at the promotion over alleged unfair treatment. Among them is former UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt.

Unsurprisingly, Hunt expressed his support for Paul's movement by throwing shade at the UFC on social media.

On Instagram, 'The Super Samoan' mocked the UFC by posting a photo of the company's logo. In it, the UFC stands for "Underpaid Fighters Club."

Hunt's conflict with the UFC dates back to 2017. He lost his trust in the promotion after it allowed Brock Lesnar to fight him at UFC 200 despite allegedly being aware that Lesnar was on performance enhancing drugs.

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