Vicente Luque labels Ian Garry comparing himself to God as "disrespectful" ahead of their clash

Ian Garry (left) comparing himself to God did not sit well with Vicente Luque (right) [Images Courtesy: @GettyImages]
Ian Garry (left) comparing himself to God did not sit well with Vicente Luque (right) [Images Courtesy: @GettyImages]

Ian Garry and Vicente Luque, two former teammates, are set to clash at UFC 296 next weekend.

After their clash was initially announced, the pair shared a respectful exchange regarding their upcoming fight. However, the Irishman changed his tune several weeks ago when he taunted 'The Silent Assassin' online.

Luque took to Instagram to share an image of him being baptized ahead of December's pay-per-view card. Garry took to the comment section of the post, where he boldly compared himself to God.

The Brazilian recently shared his thoughts on Ian Garry's jibe during an interview with Middle Easy. Vicente Luque, who is known for doing his talking in the octagon, shared his displeasure with the Irishman, saying this:

"There is certain things that we find disrespectful. I'm sure that a lot of guys [at Kill Cliff FC] did not appreciate the comment he made in my Instagram. I myself did feel that that was disrespectful. I'm not gonna take it personally, but I did feel like, hey, I was doing something that was really important for me. I posted about it and he chose to make fun out of it."

Catch Vicente Luque's comments below (13:18):


Ian Garry and Vicente Luque will kick off an incredible main card at UFC 296 next weekend in the promotion's final pay-per-view card of 2023.

Ian Garry's trash-talk may blow up in his face against Vicente Luque, says teammate of both fighters

Vicente Luque and Gilbert Burns both began training at Kill Cliff FC in 2017 and share an immensely close friendship. 'The Silent Assassin' has previously stated that Burns is the only teammate he would not consider fighting.

Ian Garry, who trained at Kill Cliff FC in 2021 and 2022, has taken a more nomadic approach to his training this year. He is preparing for UFC 296 at Chute Boxe Diego Lima in Brazil, the home gym of Charles Oliveira.

Ian Garry is known for his trash-talk, a tactic he implemented heavily in his previous bout against Neil Magny. However, according to former teammate Gilbert Burns, it may backfire against 'The Future'. During a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Burns discussed Garry's trash-talk ahead of UFC 296, saying this:

"The way Ian is talking a little bit, I think a couple of guys, whenever a guy trash-talks them a lot, sometimes it gets you out of place a little bit, where you get a little bit angry. Freaking Vicente Luque, he races on that [trash-talk]. He's looking sharper and sharper. He's the silent assassin for a reason. He's feeding from that."

Catch Gilbert Burns' comments below (17:30):


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