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Watch: Dillon Danis talks about Jake Paul having no fight appetite in water balloon attack aftermath

Jake Paul v AnEsonGib
Jake Paul v AnEsonGib
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 06:51 IST

Dillon Danis was in an interview in Los Angeles when he was surprised by Jake Paul in a drive-by water balloon attack. Danis tried to pursue Paul, but as soon as he approached the truck, Paul gave the driver orders to leave.

Danis returned to the interview and complained about how cowardly Jake Paul acted when he decided to run away since he had many other friends in the pickup truck with him and the Brazilian fighter was by himself.

Talking to Brendan Schaub from the YouTube channel "Below the Belt," Danis did an imagination exercise about what would have happened if he was able to jump into the back of the truck.

"What would happen in a real situation? What would happen right there if I got in the back of the car? All of those guys were going to get strangled."

Danis and Schaub went into a discussion about Jake Paul not understanding the consequences of his constant call-outs to professional MMA fighters. Paul had two boxing bouts until now, both of them against first-time pugilists.

The MMA world has reacted with disgust to Jake Paul's insults directed at Conor McGregor and his family. Nate Diaz was one of the fighters to warn Paul that he should be more careful with what he says.

"Jake Paul, you need your a** beat for free, you spoiled f**k. You can't really fight d******t. You are going to end up with your a** whooped for real somewhere [if you keep] talking like that."

Danis also said he is not used to this kind of provocations. For him, Jake Paul plays too much instead of showing that he is serious through real actions.

"Right now, it's just too many games. I don't like giving him [Jake Paul] even the time of my day. My goal in life is not to be like Jake Paul; it is to be the best martial artist in the world," declared Danis. "He is just playing games. The funniest thing is that I have been in crazy brawls; with Nate Diaz and all. Then you have these YouTubers on like, water balloons. I thought they were going to going to jump [out of the truck], I was like 'alright f*cking let's go,' I was ready to start swinging, you know what I mean? But then in my head, I'm like, 'okay, you are dealing with a different animal here."

Dillon Danis is not happy with Jake Paul calling his girlfriend

After the water balloon episode, Jake Paul started following Dillon Danis' girlfriend, Savannah Montano, on Instagram. The YouTuber then took a step forward and face-timed Montano in a prank call.


Danis was not happy at all with Paul's approach and said that he crossed a line.

"It is like, a lot of things that [Jake Paul] crossed [the line]. Like, it [involving one's girlfriend] is a different level. MMA [provocations] for me... my always philosophy is: This is not personal, [it] is business. But when you cross a line like that, and it is personal, it becomes a different level," Danis said.

Jake Paul does not seem to care about Danis' opinion since the YouTuber continued to engage in their feud with further provocations.

Do you think Dillon Danis or Conor McGregor will accept to fight Jake Paul in a boxing bout? Sound off in the comments.

Published 23 Dec 2020, 06:51 IST
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