Dillon Danis says Jake Paul crossed the line when he brought his ex into their feud

Jake Paul with his girlfriend Tana Mongeau
Jake Paul with his girlfriend Tana Mongeau

Dillon Danis has give a new update in his personal feud with YouTuber Jake Paul. Danis said during an interview with Charlotte D'Alession on her YouTube channel that he considers Paul to have "crossed a line" in their feud.

The Bellator welterweight contender was not happy with Jake Paul bringing Danis' girlfriend, Savannah Montano, into their quarrel. After Paul started following Montano on Instagram, the social media star also face-timed Danis' girlfriend.


The model gave her side of the story and explained why she picked up a call from Jake Paul.

"I'm dead confused at some of you guys saying, like, 'Oh, but why did you answer his call?' As if I have his f*cking number saved in my phone. It was literally a random number. You can literally see in the video I'm like, 'Who is this?' Montano said. "And as soon as I see his face, I'm, like, 'Eww, what the f*ck? Like, stop, stop, stop, I'm literally f*cking nauseous, like, I'm going to throw up right now, like, ugh.'"

The prank directed at Danis' girlfriend comes right after Jake Paul made a "surprise" drive-by water balloon attack on the Bellator's fighter when he was being interviewed in Los Angeles.

"It is like, a lot of things that [Jake Paul] crossed [the line]. Like, it [involving one's girlfriend] is a different level. MMA [provocations] for me... my always philosophy is: This is not personal, [it] is business. But when you cross a line like that, and it is personal, it becomes a different level," Danis said.

Jake Paul is using Dillon Danis to reach his ultimate goal: Conor McGregor

Jake Paul released a foul-mouthed video where he dares UFC legend Conor McGregor to accept a boxing bout with him for $50 million.

In the video, Paul makes offensive comments about Dee Devlin, McGregor's girlfriend, and Dana White, UFC's president. This was one of the YouTuber's biggest efforts directed at McGregor until now.

Before the video, Jake Paul had made other call-outs to McGregor and other MMA fighters, including Dillon Danis. The Bellator's welterweight contender is a personal friend and training partner of McGregor's.

After the $50 million offer, the next move from Paul was to make a drive-by attack on Danis, where the social media star arrived in the back of a pickup truck with his friends throwing water balloons and toilet paper rolls at Danis.

While the attack looks like it could have been staged, it produced a giant wave of comments and reactions on social media, being watched millions of times.

Conor McGregor will fight Dustin Poirier in UFC 257 on January 23, 2020. Do you think the former UFC double-champion should fight Jake Paul in a boxing bout? Sound off in the comments.

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