Chris Weidman walks for the first time after horrific leg break at UFC 261

2020 Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Buck Off At The Garden
2020 Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Buck Off At The Garden

UFC middleweight Chris Weidman has taken his first steps since his horrendous leg break at UFC 261.

On that infamous night in Jacksonville, Weidman snapped his leg with the very first kick he threw in his fight against Uriah Hall. The sound of the injury sent shockwaves through the mixed martial arts world, drawing huge comparisons to Anderson Silva’s similar leg break - against Weidman himself, ironically enough.

Weidman fights back

Many fans and fellow fighters have rushed to Weidman’s aid in his hour of need, letting him know that they’re standing by his side through this challenging phase of his career and life.

Now, in a remarkable piece of footage, Weidman has been seen walking for the first time since the incident.


It’s clearly going to be quite a long road to recovery for the former UFC middleweight champion, but as you can see, he’s got the right approach and mentality - which is going to be key in the midst of what may initially seem like incredibly dark times.

The fact that he’s started up a YouTube channel to document his journey proves what kind of guy he is, and in the next three to six months, we expect to see further improvements from a man who simply refuses to give up.


As for his future in mixed martial arts, nobody can really be too sure one way or the other. Between his age, previous knockout losses and the injuries he's accumulated along the way, it's hard to picture a way back to the top for him in the UFC.

At the same time, he has continuously proved critics wrong. While some have called his biggest wins lucky, there's nothing about his successful career that hasn't been earned.

Chris Weidman has his eyes firmly set on greatness. As cheesy as it may sound, we believe in him and what he's capable of achieving.

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Edited by Utathya Ghosh