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What is Dillon Danis' fight record?

Dillon Danis (left); Jake Paul (right)
Dillon Danis (left); Jake Paul (right)
Johny Payne
Modified 16 Dec 2020

Dillon Danis is one of the most well-known BJJ personalities to compete in the sport of MMA today. Danis has lately set the combat sports world abuzz due to his rivalry with YouTube megastar Jake Paul.

Dillon Danis has been involved in a heated feud with Jake Paul

Dillon Danis and Jake Paul have been at loggerheads with one another for quite some time. Paul is currently one of the most successful YouTube stars and internet personalities.

Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul enjoy a huge fanbase on YouTube and other social media platforms. The Paul brothers have also garnered mainstream attention with their acting ventures, and have carved a niche for themselves in today’s popular culture.

Jake and Logan Paul have been athletes since their younger years, and they’ve recently entered the world of professional boxing. While the 25-year-old Logan holds a professional boxing record of 0-1, his 23-year-old brother Jake is 2-0 as a professional boxer.

Jake Paul made his professional boxing debut in January 2020 with a first-round TKO victory over fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib. Jake followed this up with a second-round KO victory over former basketball player Nate Robinson in November.

Prior to his fight against Robinson as well as in the days after his spectacular victory, Jake Paul has consistently challenged a number of MMA fighters as well as other non-combat sports personalities to face him in a professional boxing match.

One of Jake Paul’s biggest targets has been none other than MMA legend and UFC megastar Conor McGregor. In fact, Paul has now released a profanity-laden video, challenging McGregor to a fight whilst insulting the UFC superstar’s partner Dee Devlin as well as UFC President Dana White.

Another well-known combat sports personality who has been repeatedly targeted by Jake Paul over the past several weeks is Conor McGregor’s training partner and BJJ coach Dillon Danis.

Jake Paul has time and again stated that he strongly believes he can defeat Dillon Danis in the professional boxing ring. Needless to say, Danis has fired back at Paul on multiple occasions amidst their ongoing war of words on social media.


Furthermore, the feud between Jake Paul and Dillon Danis has now reached a crescendo, as Paul perpetrated a drive-by water balloon attack on Dillon Danis.

Riding on the back of a truck, Jake Paul pulled up to a footpath where an individual – whom he and others on social media claim to be Dillon Danis – was in the midst of filming something with an entire crew and equipment.

Jake Paul proceeded to hurl both verbal abuse and water balloons at Danis. The others present next to Danis were visibly perturbed by the attack and tried their best to evade the balloons that were being thrown in their general direction.

Dillon Danis tried to dodge the balloons and swiftly made his way to the truck from which Jake Paul and his accomplices were hurling the water balloons.

However, Paul’s truck sped away before Danis could catch up with them, but not before Danis threw a water balloon that he had caught right back at the truck.

Considering the aforementioned series of developments, it comes as no surprise that the combat sports community is abuzz with debates and discussions as to whether Jake Paul and Dillon Danis could really end up fighting one another in the days to come.

What is Dillon Danis’ fight record?

Dillon Danis is a highly-decorated BJJ practitioner who made his MMA debut at Bellator 198 in April 2018 against Kyle Walker. Danis beat Walker with a toe hold submission in the very first round of their fight.


Danis’ next MMA fight, which is also his most recent fight, took place at Bellator 222 in June 2019 against Max Humphrey. Danis beat Humphrey with an armbar submission in round one.

The biggest reason behind Dillon Danis being considered a top-tier prospect in MMA is his brilliant BJJ skill-set. Danis is a three-time IBJJF world champion.

Dillon Danis, who is only 27 years of age, has often stated that he aims to scale great heights of success in his MMA career in the time to come.

Dillon Danis vs. Jake Paul – A clash of contrasting styles

The burning question with regard to the ongoing Dillon Danis vs. Jake Paul feud revolves around how grappling specialist Danis would fare in a professional boxing match against Paul, who devoted the past three years to honing his boxing skills.

One of the most essential factors in this equation is that Jake Paul has firmly stated that he won’t compete in the sport of MMA, at least for the time being. Paul has made it clear that he wants to fight Danis in a professional boxing match.


The vast majority of combat sports fans and experts believe that Danis would be the favorite to beat Jake Paul if they were to face off in a professional MMA match.

Nevertheless, certain sections of the combat sports world feel that a professional boxing match between Dillon Danis and Jake Paul might play out differently.

Former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, for instance, believes that Danis would be soundly beaten by Paul in a professional boxing match.

On the contrary, many believe that Dillon Danis is an accomplished fighter who fights for a top-tier MMA promotion (Bellator MMA), and that he would dominate Jake Paul regardless of whether they clash in an MMA fight or a boxing match.

In a nutshell, the combat sports world has mixed opinions about how Dillon Danis would do against Jake Paul in a professional boxing matchup.

Dillon Danis stands at 6’0” tall and weighed in at 175 pounds for his most recent MMA fight. Meanwhile, Jake Paul is 6’1” tall and weighed in at 189 pounds for his most recent fight (the boxing match against Nate Robinson).


A potential fight between Dillon Danis and Jake Paul doesn’t seem that far-fetched, particularly since both fighters are just beginning their MMA and boxing careers respectively. They are also around the same age – Danis is 27, and Jake Paul is 23.

As noted, the chances of an MMA fight between Dillon Danis and Jake Paul happening are close to nil. Hence, a potential fight between them will surely transpire in the professional boxing realm.

Which fighter would you pick to win in a potential Dillon Danis vs. Jake Paul matchup? Sound off in the comments.

Published 16 Dec 2020, 05:23 IST
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