How to get the Tempest Roar Helm in Diablo 4

Druid is the only class that can use the Tempest Roar Helm (Image via Blizzard)
Druid is the only class that can use the Tempest Roar Helm (Image via Blizzard)

Diablo 4's character customization has plenty of depth. Aside from the various skills that distinguish each class and the different Legendary Aspects that can be equipped to each character, there are also unique weapons and armor to be found. These unique items add significant stat boosts and have one-of-a-kind effects that make them worth finding in Diablo 4.

Each class has its own specialized weapons and armor, which are great for boosting its innate skills. One of these items is the Tempest Roar Helm which is specific to Druids.

Where to find the Tempest Roar Helm in Diablo 4


The Tempest Roar is a Unique helm that rarely drops in the World of Sanctuary in Diablo 4. Due to loot being randomized, you will need to slay enemies who could drop this item or try your luck with one of the many chests in the world.

Since Unique items are even harder to find than Legendary Items, looking for the Tempest Roar Helm requires much time, effort, and the right amount of luck. These items typically appear in Strongholds and Dungeons, so make sure to try your luck in any of the various Strongholds and Dungeons in the different regions of Sanctuary.

Finding and equipping the Tempest Roar helm on your Druid will grant you the Lucky Hit effect. This effect provides the following benefit: Storm Skills will have up to a 15-25 percent chance to grant four spirits. Your base storm skills are now also Werewolf Skills.


Unique items only become available during higher difficulties, so make sure you are already on World Tier Three to ensure randomly finding the Tempest Roar Helm. The game only allows you to choose between World Tier One and World Tier Two, and you can only increase the difficulty to World Tier Three by clearing a Capstone Dungeon.

Capstone Dungeons are difficult challenges and can only be unlocked once you have finished a full playthrough of Diablo 4's campaign. After completing the campaign, you will receive a priority quest called World Tier 3: Nightmare. This quest will lead you to the Cathedral of Light, the first Capstone Dungeon in Diablo 4.

Make sure you have a character that is at least level 50 to give yourself the best chance at completing this task. Once you complete this dungeon, you can randomly loot the Tempest Roar in Sanctuary.

If you want to increase those chances, try the next Capstone Dungeon and increase the World Tier difficulty to level 4. Doing so increases the chances of finding more unique loot and provides better rewards.

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