How to locate black holes in No Man's Sky

A traveler approaches a black hole in No Man
A traveler approaches a black hole in No Man's Sky (Image via Hello Games)

Black holes, just like in the real universe, are anomalies just begging to be studied in No Man's Sky. These incredible natural occurrences are very dense. They warp time and space for light years around their centers, and anyone who gets too close will find it hard to venture away.

In this space-exploration game from Hello Games, black holes are a dangerous discovery for players to make their way towards. However, players should also know that finding them can be fairly useful.

How can players find a black hole in No Man's Sky?

There are a few ways that players can find black holes in No Man's Sky. A couple of methods will provide coordinates, while another one involves traveling across the galaxy blindly in hopes of coming across a black hole.

1) Complete the Atlas storyline


The Atlas storyline is one of three main story missions in No Man's Sky. Players must visit Atlas Interfaces and craft Atlas Seeds. The objectives are given in-game, and players can follow them to complete the quest.

When every step of Atlas is done, the location of each black hole in the galaxy will be added to the player's map. They'll just need to safely follow the space routes to the black holes to reach them.

2) Talk to Polo

Specialist Polo is one of the most important NPCs in the game. He can be found at the Anomaly and will give players quests and missions to complete. These help with space exploration and offer some decent rewards.

The Anomaly is unlocked in the Artemis story path. Once it is available for use, players can board it whenever and wherever they like. Simply speak to Polo and ask for the coordinates for a black hole.

3) Find one randomly

This is the method most players prefer to use. They like the organic exploration that can be done in No Man's Sky and the surprise factor when stumbling across something unexpected in the galaxy.

This is the least effective way of finding a black hole, but it is what the game is all about. This method involves zooming around the galaxy completing missions and uncovering secrets until a black hole appears eventually.

What do black holes do in No Man's Sky?

No Man's Sky is a vast game with a multitude of black holes to discover (Image via Hello Games)
No Man's Sky is a vast game with a multitude of black holes to discover (Image via Hello Games)

Black holes have their own functionality in the game. They can be used by players to warp to other locations in the galaxy. Gamers do this by simply flying into them and hoping they get lucky.

There is no guarantee regarding where players will end up when using a black hole for travel, so it is advised that a black hole be entered as cautiously as possible and the risks associated with doing so are acknowledged and understood.

During this randomized travel warp, the damage will be done to the ship, and using multiple black holes to loop around the galaxy will see ships in dire need of repair once the adventure is complete.

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