List of everything disabled in Salvation's Edge contest mode of Destiny 2 

The Witness (Image via Bungie)
The Witness (Image via Bungie)

Bungie has disabled certain pieces of gear for the 48-hour contest mode within the Salvation's Edge Raid in Destiny 2. This is a known occurrence during the launch of any new or returning Raid, as the company tries to balance the competition for the World's First title by disabling broken items, such as Exotic weapons, armor pieces, super abilities, Fragments, and more.

The company has assured that players can get them back after the contest mode wears, with the weekly reset of June 11, 2024, at 10 am PT. For additional information, readers can tune in to the official blog post, TWID, on June 5, 2024, through Bungie's website followed by the game's page.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing this article, Bungie is updating its disabled list as the Raid grows closer. This article will be updated accordingly.

All disabled items and skills for 48-hour Salvation's Edge contest mode in Destiny 2

Here is a list of everything disabled for the contest mode of the Destiny 2 Salvation's Edge Raid:

  • Lucky Pants Exotic Hunter leg armor
  • Cascade Point Legendary perk
  • Magnificent Howl Legendary perk
  • Facet of Command Prismatic Hunter Fragment (only disabled item to be re-enabled with June 9 daily reset)
  • Relentless Strikes Legendary weapon perk
  • Hunter Ascension Aspect
  • Bounty and weapon crafting progress below the boss tier
  • Any elemental Surges during the active contest modifier

All the weapons associated with the aforementioned perks will still be usable. However, any effects of the perks will not activate inside any Raid encounter from June 7 to 9. For example, a Luna's Howl will be usable inside the Raid, even with the Magnificent Howl in one of its columns. The effect of the perk will not activate under any circumstances.

The same rule applies to other perks, namely Cascade Point and Relentless Strikes.

The Salvation's Edge Raid in Destiny 2 The Final Shape is going live with active contest modifiers, starting from June 7, 2024, 10 am PT, until June 9, 2024, 10 am PT.

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