Warframe The 7 Crimes of Kullervo (Update 33.5): Release date, new features, and more

The new Warframe update will come this June (image via Digital Extremes)
The new Warframe update will come this June (image via Digital Extremes)

Warframe is arguably the gold standard when it comes to free-to-play models in gaming. Through its decade-long run so far, the flagship MMO-lite from Digital Extremes has managed to stay afloat largely due to the relatively open communication between the developers and the community.

Community suggestions are accepted on the public Warframe forum, where players can voice their ideas and concerns. In response, the developers utilize their platform, Devstreams, to officially address these matters and showcase upcoming content.

Following the resolution of major bugs in the ambitious Duviri Paradox update through hotfixes, Devstream 171 offered a glimpse of the upcoming update, known as 33.5. This update goes beyond mere quality-of-life improvements, introducing a plethora of new content additions.

When is Warframe: The 7 Crimes of Kullervo (Update 33.5) coming?


The Warframe 33.5 update is known as The Seven Crimes of Kullervo. This new update is scheduled to go live on June 21. The developers also unveiled the upcoming Wisp Prime and the cosmetics to ship with her Prime Accessories bundle. Nevertheless, Wisp Prime is not a part of the upcoming 33.5 update and will instead drop later this summer.

New Warframe in update 33.5


The eponymous new Warframe in update 33.5 is Kullervo. His exact stats and abilities have not been directly revealed, but you can still clue parts of it together. Lorewise, Kullervo's tale will involve Duviri, Dominas Thrax, and themes of betrayal. The daggers lodged on his person are not only thematic, but they will also be a crucial part of his kit. Two of his abilities have been hinted at:

  • An area-of-effect barrage of daggers drop around Kullervo in a circle dealing slash procs.
  • A teleport into a backstab ability, akin to Ash's teleport.

Farming Kullervo will involve the new content additions to the Duviri landscape itself, as discussed in the following segment.

New island in Duviri


The Duviri free-roam overworld lacks any persistent climactic overworld activities other than the Orowyrm. The upcoming update will change this in two ways.

Firstly, during the sorrow Spirals, there will be a new 'dungeon' island you can look for. This dungeon houses the many aspects of the wistful Kullervo, featured as a mini-boss. Additionally, this isle will also be home to the vendor that sells components for Kullervo.

It is important to note that the prerequisite for finding a sorrow spiral can be bypassed for one week once the update drops. The update will feature a weeklong special event where Kullervo's Hold will be directly accessible from the Duviri menu.

The second will be a new end-game portal with three guaranteed spawns somewhere in Duviri. This portal will be locked until the Drifter has at least seven cumulative decrees in the run. Once this requirement is met, they can be entered to access a tougher Undercroft segment that has a higher chance of dropping the newer arcanes.

The update will also add 15 new Decrees, which include the new corrupted Decrees that offset a bigger buff with tricky debuffs.

Quality-of-life changes

The update will, of course, bring fixes, balance readjustments, and quality-of-life changes. The biggest of these is in relation to the Circuit. A new widget will be added to the Duviri menu that lets players view the loadouts available in the current Spiral without loading into the Circuit.

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