Path of Exile Necropolis League mechanics breakdown: Crafting, mapping, and more

Necropolis League in Path of Exile
Exploring all the changes in Path of Exile Necropolis League (Image via Grinding Gear Games)

Path of Exile Necropolis League is the new league that will roll out on March 29, 2024, bringing many changes and fresh content to keep it exciting. This guide provides information before the league's launch based on details publicly available through reveals, teasers, Q&A sessions, and developer comments.

The free-to-play MMORPG releases frequent updates and new leagues, regularly bringing in many players. Although the game was released in 2012, with a beta version in 2011, it is still going strong because of its consistent updates and new mechanics. Now, let's explore everything Necropolis League has to offer.

Path of Exile Necropolis League mechanics

The new Necropolis League offers new mechanics in Path of Exile (Image via Grinding Gear Games)
The new Necropolis League offers new mechanics in Path of Exile (Image via Grinding Gear Games)

Necropolis League starts on March 29, 2024, after an eight-day teaser from March 21. In Necropolis, you'll deal with spirits that haunt monsters, gather their corpses, and craft powerful items with them.

The Game Director, Jonathan Rogers, shared insights into the design process for the Necropolis League. He explained that the team initially started with a mechanic and then brainstormed various themes. After considering around 10 to 20 ideas, they settled on the concept of corpse burying and exhumation.

In the Path of Exile's Necropolis League, you'll encounter Undertaker Arimor, who collects spirits from the Eternal Empire for a mysterious purpose. These spirits now haunt monsters in Wraeclast, releasing ancient anger and sadness into the world.

Undertaker Arimor provides you with the Lantern of Arimor, a potent ancestral artifact that reveals spirits haunting all the creatures in Wraeclast. Upon entering a zone, spirits will possess certain monsters due to the Lantern of Arimor's influence. You can use the lantern to control which mobs these spirits affect. As you progress to higher-level areas, you'll encounter more and stronger spirits.

The spirits move constantly, so if you're stuck during your journey, wait and recheck the lantern—it will show you new challenges. Each modifier has different levels of strength, with higher levels offering better rewards and more challenging encounters. Additionally, some spirits provide beneficial effects instead of buffs to monsters. Take your time making decisions, as the Spirits can be unforgiving.

Crafting System in Path of Exile Necropolis Leauge

Players can examine spirits through the Lantern of Arimor (Image via Grinding Gear Games)
Players can examine spirits through the Lantern of Arimor (Image via Grinding Gear Games)

In Path of Exile Necropolis Leauge, some monsters possessed by spirits leave behind a corpse called "Unresolved Anguish" upon defeat. You can collect these corpses by selecting the "Collect" button, and Undertaker Arimor will retrieve them. Take these Corpses to the Necropolis and bury them in graves to forge items using their souls. This method allows you to craft items that you want. Each collected corpse has a unique crafting effect. Combining multiple residues allows you to create one item, and all adjacent corpses contribute to its crafting effect.

When you pick up a corpse, it brings a special bonus that shapes the item you craft. These bonuses work like tools, helping you get the item you want. Some bonuses do more than boost or lower chances—they work together with others from different corpses. Each corpse has a level, based on the monster it came from, which affects the item's strength.

Crafting happens in the graveyard, where you bury corpses in different spots. Since some bonuses depend on nearby corpses, it matters where you bury them. The Morgue keeps all your collected corpses safe. You can turn them into items by buying special coffins.

When you're ready to craft, open The Tome of Arimor. It shows all the bonuses from the buried corpses that will affect your crafted item. You can't pick the exact type of item; you need to pick the general category, like armor or weapon. So, use the bonuses wisely to get the item you want.

In addition to regular items, you can craft exclusive items available only in the Necropolis League in Path of Exile. Occasionally, you may come across the corpses of entire Eternal Empire families. Burying and exorcising these family members together will reward you with a special item unique to their lineage.

Mapping changes in Path of Exile Necropolis League

Undertaker's Cemetery in the new league (Image via Grinding Gear Games)
Undertaker's Cemetery in the new league (Image via Grinding Gear Games)

Now, in Path of Exile Necropolis League, every map in the game will have a special feature allowing you to use the Lantern on the map device UI to change it permanently. Once you've used the lantern on a map, it can't be removed from the device. During the Necropolis league, you'll find support for it on the Atlas passive tree. This lets you tweak the gameplay and can even affect crafting.

Currently, the most rewarding end-game content involves fighting tough bosses. Allocating specific keystones on the Atlas Passive Tree provides access to these bosses. However, changes are on the way. These keystones will be removed, and new fragments will be added to unlock this content.

These fragments will come from Tier 17 maps, which are brand new and feature uber-pinnacle content, including new bosses, monsters, and powerful modifiers. Additionally, some old unique items like Manastorm will be remade.

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