What is DPS in an MMORPG?

What is DPS in an MMORPG? (Image via Corelens)
What is DPS in an MMORPG? (Image via Corelens)

That is one question most gamers who are new to massively multiplayer online role-playing games ask all the time. Honestly, it is also a fair question, since there are so many elements to remember in MMORPGs. So what exactly does DPS even stand for? How does it affect your character and their skills? Does every character class need to focus on high DPS?

With those questions in mind, let's look at what DPS is, its history, and its impact on the gaming world.

What is DPS?


DPS is an acronym for Damage Per Second and is mainly used in MMOs like the Diablo series, Genshin Impact, Warframe, and many more. It can either refer to a character type or a weapon class, but is mostly referred to as the amount of damage you inflict on enemies per second.

Weapons and character builds based on heavy DPS are potent and can obliterate hordes of enemies within a short time. Take Yelan from Genshin Impact for example. This character can both be Main DPS and Sub DPS depending on your playstyle. Regardless, she can inflict continuous elemental damage per second, which helps a lot, especially during team fights and boss fights.

History of DPS

Classic Dungeons & Dragons (Image via Hasbro)
Classic Dungeons & Dragons (Image via Hasbro)

DPS originated from classic tabletop RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons, in which you roll certain types of dice in order to complete an action or to get a successful hit on an enemy. Since then, the concept of DPS has been adapted in various forms of video games but is most prominent in RPGs and MMORPGs.

The usage of DPS has gained momentum ever since MMORPGs have seen a spike in their playerbase. Game developers also went out of their way in order to spice things up by adding up various types of DPS. Two of the more prominent types are Burst DPS and Sustained DPS.

DPS Characters in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
DPS Characters in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

Burst DPS is your damage done over a short period. These types of skills and abilities are crucial when dealing with enemies who are low in health. Sustained DPS, on the other hand, is your damage done over a long period, which is perfect when engaging with world bosses with incredibly high health bars. Keep these things in mind when building a DPS-focused character.

So now that you know a little more about what DPS is and its uses in the world of MMORPGs, go and build that DPS character you've always dreamed of building. If you're looking for more MMORPG content, check out which class has the highest DPS output in Diablo 4.

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