Paul Bearer

Paul Bearer

Full NameWilliam Alvin Moody

BornApril 10, 1954



Relation(s)Children: Daniel Moody, Michael Moody


Paul Bearer is one of the more well-known non-wrestling characters to ever be signed by

WWE. He began his career in wrestling as a ringside photographer. He would leave

wrestling for a while to serve in the airforce. During this time, he would also study Mortuary

science. In 1984, he would return to wrestling full-time. During the course of his career he

managed wrestlers like Rick Rude, Steve Austin, and most notably of all ‘The Undertaker’

Mark Callaway, as well as his on-screen brother, Kane.

  1. WWE: The Undertaker and Kane
  2. TNA and return to WWE
  3. Paul Bearer Death and Hall of Fame

paul bearer

WWE: The Undertaker and Kane

Paul Bearer signed on to WWE in 1990 where his real-life knowledge of funeral industry

would be incorprated into his character. In 1991, he began managing the Undertaker, taking

on a spooky persona.

Throughout his time in this run with WWE, Paul Bearer would be involved in angles with the

Undertaker. In 1996, he turned against his protege and sided with Mankind instead. Paul

Bearer would later force Undertaker to wrestle under him again, forcing him to act however

Bearer wanted, threatening him with ‘fires from hell’ and secrets from the past.

This was actually a storyline which gave birth to the Undertaker’s estranged brother Kane.

Paul Bearer’s Kane made his debut at Hell in a Cell where he cost the Undertaker his match

against Shawn Michaels.

Following this Kane, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer would be involved in a long feud.

Finally the Undertaker turned heel and sided with Paul Bearer forming the Ministry of

Darkness. During this time Undertaker’s character would turn much darker serving a ‘higher

power’ later revealed to be Mr McMahon.

TNA and return to WWE

While Paul Bearer was part on TNA for one year, he returned to WWE in 2004 for

Undertaker’s match against Kane. During the next decade, he would manage the Undertaker

as well as Kane intermittently. One of the memorable angles from this time was when

Undertaker buried Paul Bearer in cement alive. He also was a part of the Independent

Circuit on and off during this time.

Paul Bearer’s last appearance for WWE was in April 2012 during a feud between Randy

Orton and Kane, where Orton kidnapped Bearer and strapped him to a wheelchair.

Paul Bearer Death and Hall of Fame

Paul Bearer suffered from respiratory problems while attending Gulf Coast Wrestlers

Reunion on the 2nd of March, 2013. He would pass away three days later due to a heart


The next year, in 2014, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Kane, and

Undertaker paid tribute as well. His legacy remains indelibly tied to Undertaker’s character

and critical to his development as a Superstar.

paul bearer

People also ask

How did Paul Bearer die?

Heart attack

When did Paul Bearer die?

March 5, 2013

Is Paul Bearer The father of undertaker?

The Undertaker's mother had an affair with Paul Bearer and as a result, gave birth to a younger half-brother of The Undertaker, named Kane.

How old is Paul Bearer?

67 years (1945–2013)

How tall is Paul Bearer?

5′ 11″

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