3 most disliked Water Pokemon in Hoenn

There is a wide variety of Water-type Pokemon Pokemon in the Hoenn region (Image via Tom Salazar)
There is a wide variety of Water-type Pokemon Pokemon in the Hoenn region (Image via Tom Salazar)
Zachary Mckinnis

Hoenn is widely known for its abundance of Water-type Pokemon.

There is a wide variety of aquatic Pokemon to choose from in the region. However, there are some Pokemon that are more likely to be forgotten or scoffed at than chosen.

It should be noted that every Water-type Pokemon that can be caught in Generation III's Hoenn was considered for this list, including Pokemon introduced in Generation I and II, so long as they can be caught in Hoenn.

In addition, this isn't about how bad these Pokemon are. While usability plays a big role in how well a Pokemon is received, so does design and other unseen factors. So, this list will consider how good a Pokemon is and its design.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

What are the 3 most disliked Water Pokemon in Hoenn?

#3 - Surskit

Surskit (Image via All0412 on DeviantArt)
Surskit (Image via All0412 on DeviantArt)

Surskit is on this list for having a disappointing evolution and being a forgettable Pokemon in general. It doesn't do as much as a Surksit or as a Masquerain. It even loses its Water-typing upon evolution and becomes yet another generic Bug and Flying-type.

Having said that, Surskit has a few things going for it. It has Swift Swim (until it evolves), which is somewhat nice if the player can back it up with rain. While ultimately forgettable, its design is rather cute, garnering a small following of players who manage to remember that the Pokemon exists.

If Surksit had been memorable or if its evolution had been useful, the Pokemon would have been far more popular.

#2 - Seaking

Seaking (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Seaking (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Seaking is a Pokemon from Kanto that really didn't need to make a reappearance in Generation III's Hoenn region.

Speaking as objectively as possible, Seaking doesn't have much reason to exist in the first place. Its stats are moderate at best. It has one good ability and one passable one, and its typing is bland (to put it nicely).

Seaking's moveset is entirely reliant on Mega Horn (which doesn't even receive STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus)) since the Pokemon has a negligible special attack, making its Water-type moves hit far less than they should.

Seaking's design is that of an overgrown goldfish with a horn. While Goldeen at least looks sleek and graceful, the evolved Seaking does not have any of those qualities.

With a poor design and awful usability, Seaking cannot win any popularity contest.

#1 - Luvdisc

Luvdisc (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Luvdisc (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Luvdisc's has a decent ability called Swift Swim. The move is good, and with its very decent speed stat, it'll be hard to outspeed the heart-shaped fish in the rain.

However, after Luvdisc hits about 12 damage with a STAB Surf (because it only has 40 special attack), just about any opposing Pokemon can clean it up. Moreover, Luvdisc's second-highest stat is special defense at 65. This Pokemon is utterly worthless in battle thanks to its utterly abysmal stats.

When it comes to its looks, Luvdisc is literally just a heart with eyes. It doesn't even have fins. It certainly looks like its creators stuck eyes on a heart, threw it in the ocean and called it a day.

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