All Ludicolo weaknesses and counters in Pokemon GO

Ludicolo as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Ludicolo as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Ludicolo finally had its turn in the spotlight as a Three-Star Raid Boss in Pokemon GO. Currently, players that are lucky enough to encounter a Raid with Ludicolo can battle it for a chance to catch one to add to their collection.

Pokemon GO's Raid Battles are notoriously difficult for one player. However, many of them are not impossible to do alone. With the right strategy, players can take down any Raid Boss with a couple of friends.

Pokemon GO's battle system takes a more action-based approach than the main series. Every action in the battle takes place in real-time and reacts to the player's taps on the screen of their mobile device. This spin on the franchise's battle system may make Raid Battles more challenging for veteran Pokemon fans.

Pokemon GO Raid Guide: Ludicolo's Weaknesses

Ludicolo as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Ludicolo as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Ludicolo is a Grass and water-type Pokemon. Though it is a great defensive typing, it has some key weaknesses. Players should first be aware that all of the weaknesses typically held by Water-type Pokemon, such as Electric and Grass-type attacks, do decreased damage to Ludicolo, so players should plan accordingly.

Ludicolo is only susceptible to Poison, Bug, and Flying-type attacks. Ludicolo also resists Ground, Steel, and other Water-type attacks. With this in mind, players should avoid Pokemon that would appear advantageous like Nidoking or Moltres and instead should opt for Pokemon that prioritize resistance like Dragonite.

Most of Ludicolo's attacks are either Water or Grass though it can wield Ice-type attacks. With this in mind, players should prioritize Pokemon with strong defenses and stamina like Exeggutor and Snorlax. However, players will need one or two Pokemon that prioritize attack to avoid stagnation.


There are a lot of Pokemon that make for great attackers in this Raid. The first one that should be considered is Mega Beedrill. Having a Mega Evolved Pokemon is a great option for any challenging fight in Pokemon GO. Mega Beedrill has access to powerful Bug and Poison attacks making it the best option.

Escavalier is another excellent option for this fight as it has traits of a good offensive and defensive Pokemon. Escavalier has a high attack and defense stat and an excellent defensive typing in Bug and Steel. This particular type of combination only has one weakness: Fire-type attacks. Luckily, Ludicolo has none of those.

Another great way to triumph in any Raid Battle in Pokemon GO is by using the assistance of other players. Various social media platforms have groups for players to recruit willing Raid participants.

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