Best movesets for Mesprit in Pokemon GO

Mesprit is known in the Sinnoh region to be the embodiment of emotion (Image via Niantic)
Mesprit is known in the Sinnoh region to be the embodiment of emotion (Image via Niantic)
Lukus Herblet

Mesprit is one of the Sinnoh lake trio introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and has been brought back into relevance following Pokemon GO's Season of Mischief event.

Mesprit, along with Azelf and Uxie, have been brought in as Five-Star Raid Bosses for the season and Pokemon GO's playerbase has taken notice. Players fortunate enough to get their hands on the elusive Pokemon are wondering how it can be used competitively and what its best options are in terms of movesets.

Mesprit's best moves in Pokemon GO

Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie as they appear in the anime (Image via the Pokemon Company)
Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie as they appear in the anime (Image via the Pokemon Company)

When considering a Pokemon for competitive use, whether that be in the main series or Pokemon GO, the first thing players should know is its type. Mesprit, along with Azelf and Uxie, is a pure Psychic-type. This means that Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type attacks deal super effective damage to it. As a result, Mesprit may not be the best option to use against a Weavile, Gengar, or Mega Beedrill.

When it comes to resistances in Pokemon GO, Psychic-types do not have many. Psychic-types take less damage from Fighting and other Psychic-type moves. Sadly, these resistances will never truly get to be taken advantage of as Fighting-type Pokemon will most likely clear out the second Mesprit is brought into battle. On the other hand, opponent Psychic-types will either switch out or usually have a different move besides a Psychic-type one such as Shadow Ball to quickly finish the fight before it even has a chance to happen. In terms of defense alone, Psychic-types are not the greatest choice.

For fast attacks in Pokemon GO, Mesprit has Confusion and Extrasensory. While these are both great attacking moves, Confusion is the better option simply because it deals more damage. As this is the attack that will be used the most in a battle. Extrasensory is a good option for movesets that revolve around using charged attacks as it builds energy for them much faster than Confusion.

For charged attacks, Mesprit has a few options. Future Sight is the best move for maximizing damage. With the same type attack bonus from Mesprit's typing combined with Future Sight's high base attack, it will be a devastating move to hit a target with and can easily cause the opponent to burn both of their shields right away. Mesprit gets Blizzard as a second option, however, this fails to benefit Mesprit in any way. Ice-type attacks do not cover any of Mesprit's weaknesses directly.

Swift is just a bad choice. It is a low damaging Normal-type attack that cannot hit any Pokemon for super effective damage in the entire franchise, let alone Pokemon GO. The most valuable thing a player will get out of Swift is the possibility of baiting out a single shield.

In summary, Psychic-types are usually known for their power and coverage options, and the best moves for Mesprit in Pokemon GO are two Psychic-type moves - Confusion and Future Sight.

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