"Casino slot machine": Pokemon GO player comments on Hidden Gems logo

Pokemon GO Hidden Gems logo (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokemon GO Hidden Gems logo (Image via Sportskeeda)

June has brought a brand new chapter, titled Hidden Gems, to Pokemon GO, and it is set to stay till the beginning of August. As the name suggests, the event involves searching for treasures from the Pokemon world, which will be hidden all around the players.

The logo associated with Hidden Gems, which can be seen on all the promotional posters, has been a matter of discussion on the main Pokemon GO subreddit recently. It features gemstones and the name of the event written in a font reminiscent of an old pirate map against a navy oval background with contour lines.

u/Pokemon-Player-980 stated that the logo looked like a slot machine in a casino, which is what sparked the conversation on Reddit.

Redditors think Pokemon GO's Hidden Gems logo looks like a casino slot machine

Players from all over the world gave their takes on the design of the Hidden Gems logo under the post. They came up with various interpretations and metaphors in the process.

u/Pokemon-Player-980's comparison is quite interesting. The design choice aside, his subtle satirical tone points towards how the game itself feels like a slot machine that you keep rolling time and time again. You hope to win the jackpot but are only feeding into a system designed to be against you emerging victorious.

In the discussion that ensued, some Redditors compared the logo to the banners of mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, Bejweled, and so on. One user said it reminded them of the online free-to-play games that could be enjoyed on platforms like Zynga.

One user pointed out that the logo looks nothing like Pokemon GO's usual design preferences for events. In fact, it took them some time to realize that the logo had something to do with Niantic's popular monster-collecting franchise.

Coming to the satiric aspect of the post, the developer of Pokemon GO, Niantic, has recently been under fire for making the game increasingly anti-player, similar to how casinos are designed. u/SunshineAlways pointed out how Pokemon GO is filled with microtransactions to lure people, much like casinos.

Limiting access to remote raids, putting rare Pocket Monsters in eggs with a very low chance of hatching, and cutting down chances of acquiring shiny creatures in remote raids without informing players are just a few of the poor decisions the company has taken in recent times. Most players are quite unhappy with the state of the game.

The comments offer interesting insights into how players are feeling about the game at the moment.

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