Data miners find evidence of a Battle Pass in Pokemon GO

Official artwork for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Official artwork for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

One of the many benefits of partaking in an online game like Pokemon GO is the constant stream of new content that comes to the game over its lifespan. However, to the dismay of the game's developers, the secrets of what's in store for gamers are not always under as strict of a lockdown as expected.

Almost every game has come under the scrutinizing microscope of data miners, but none of the instances are more commonplace than in the Pokemon franchise. With most future content already programmed into the game on release, players have no trouble revealing secrets such as Mythical Pokemon that will be released later.

This flaw has made its way over to Niantic's popular mobile game, Pokemon GO. Recently, a big leak has come from a reliable source regarding the future of the mobile game. The playerbase is a bit torn on whether or not this potential change to their favorite mobile game is for the better or worse.

Everything we know about Pokemon GO's Battle Pass leak

A new item called the 'Battle Pass Ticket' was added!

On August 3, 2022, a reputable group of data miners, PokeMiners, announced that a new item was discovered in the game's files called the "Battle Pass Ticket." For those out of the loop, Battle Passes are becoming more of a common practice in the online gaming market. However, many gamers do not feel positive about them.

These types of content passes often rub players the wrong way, especially those who enjoy free-to-play games like Pokemon GO. Many players feel that these microtransactions lock cosmetics and items behind a paywall rather than giving players a way to earn them for free. However, these also have benefits.

While games of the past often required players to invest a large amount of their own money for a couple of skins, Battle Passes only require one moderate payment. Usually, for 10 USD, players can purchase a Battle Pass, which gives them exclusive cosmetics and the opportunity to earn more via missions.


While a lot is still unknown about the potential Battle Pass, some predictions can be made. For example, the Premium Reward Pass has been in the mobile game for a while and serves as a way for players to earn better rewards in exchange for this item.

However, the Premium Reward Pass only affected the Battle League. The fact that this item is called the "Battle Pass Ticket" in the game's files also stirs speculation. While it is not uncommon for there to be "Ticket" items in the mobile game, having one for a hypothetical pass rather than just giving the player the content is odd.

While a lot is still a mystery regarding this new item, many players cannot help but worry about what this means for Pokemon GO.

Due to the name of the item being "Battle Pass Ticket," it is more likely that this item has more to do with the Battle League than a standard Battle Pass. However, this is currently speculation. Fans should take this information with a grain of salt until an official confirmation is made.

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