How to complete the Incarnate Forces of Hisui request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The trio is now a quartet (Image via Bulbapedia/Pokemon anime)
The trio is now a quartet (Image via Bulbapedia/Pokemon anime)
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Even after defeating Volo and (hopefully) capturing Giratina in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there’s still more to do in the game. Upon completing “Seeking the Remaining Plates,” seek out Cogita.

Cogita has a new quest for you: Incarnate Forces of Hisui. This tasks the trainer with locating and catching the Forces of Nature trio: Thundurus, Landorus, and Tornadus.

They are all level 70, which means bringing your toughest team and plenty of Ultra Balls to complete this mission in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Guide to completing “Incarnate Forces of Hisui” in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How and where to catch Thundurus


To find and capture Thundurus, you’ll have to visit Cobalt Coastlands. The easiest route is the Coastlands Camp. You’ll need to change the weather by sleeping, until there are thunderstorms overhead.

Save your game. Summon Basculegion and head into the waters where Thundurus is. Start chucking your Pokemon at him while simultaneously dodging the thunder tornadoes he summons. Keep doing that until he opens himself up for a Pokemon battle.

How and where to catch Landorus


Landorus can be found on Ramanas Island in Obsidian Fieldlands. Unlike Thundurus or Tornadus, Landorus doesn’t require specific weather; he’ll appear in any. Landorus has a wind barrier protecting him.

Throw items at it, like your already-filled PokeBalls, to break it. Do this enough times and Landorus will be stunned. That’s your chance to initiate a Pokemon battle.

How and where to catch Tornadus


Finding Tornadus will take you into the snowy environment of Alabaster Icelands, in the Bonechill Wastes. Tornadus has a habit of roaming Bonechill Wastes. Pokemon around there are also high leveled, so be prepared.

Tornadus loves blizzards, so sleep at the Snowfields Camp until the weather is right. He also has a barrier. Throw items at Tornadus until it breaks, then initiate a Pokemon battle.

How and where to catch Enamorus


The Forces of Nature are no longer a trio, but a quartet. Pokemon Legends: Arceus adds another force of nature: Enamorus. Cogita will task you with capturing Enamorus after returning with the other three legendaries and getting their Research Levels to 10.

Enamorus is found in the Scarlet Bog of Crimson Mirelands. Use the Bogbound Camp to rest and save. Like the others, she has a protective barrier. Break it with items until she’s stunned, then initiate a Pokemon battle.

After capturing Enamorus and her Research Level at 10, speak with Cogita again. She’ll hand over the Reveal Glass, allowing trainers to switch between the quartet’s alternate forms. This also means the completion of Incarnate Forces of Hisui in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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