How to counter Tyranitar in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Tyranitar can often seem like Pokemon GO's boogeyman, but a well-prepared trainer versed in its type weaknesses should have no reason to fear it in raids or Battle League.


With a grand total of seven move type weaknesses, dealing super-effective damage to Tyranitar isn't an issue. However, its high CP ceiling and often beefy stats means it can take a lot of punishment, even from moves it's weak to. Pokemon GO trainers looking for a quick answer to countering and beating Tyranitar will want to make sure their Pokemon has a high CP and stats along with an elemental type advantage.

Pokemon GO: Tyranitar weakness breakdown

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Not only can Tyranitar take a substantial amount of punishment from moves, it often hits back hard. Pokemon GO trainers attempting to avoid super-effective damage themselves should abstain from using certain Pokemon based on Tyranitar's moveset:

  • Bite (fast move) - Avoid using Ghost- and Psychic-type Pokemon.
  • Stone Edge (charged move) - Avoid using Bug-, Flying-, Fire-, and Ice-type Pokemon.
  • Iron Tail (fast move) - Avoid using Fairy-, Ice-, and Rock-type Pokemon.
  • Fire Blast (charged move) - Avoid using Bug-, Grass-, Ice-, and Steel-type Pokemon.

When it comes to Tyranitar's own weaknesses, one type advantage stands out above the rest, as it deals super-effective damage to both Tyranitar's types. Fighting-type moves are the best bet at dealing the most damage to it in the shortest amount of time in Pokemon GO. Here is the breakdown:

  • Bug-type: Deals 160% damage.
  • Fairy-type: Deals 160% damage.
  • Fighting-type: Deals 256% damage.
  • Grass-type: Deals 160% damage.
  • Ground-type: Deals 160% damage.
  • Steel-type: Deals 160% damage.
  • Water-type: Deals 160% damage.

With these weaknesses in mind, great Pokemon/move counters to Tyranitar include:

  • Conkledurr using Counter and Dynamic Punch.
  • Machamp using Counter and Dynamic Punch.
  • Lucario using Counter and Aura Sphere.
  • Hariyama using Counter and Dynamic Punch.
  • Blaziken using Counter and Focus Blast.
  • Sirfetch'd using Counter and Close Combat.
  • Breloom using Counter and Dynamic Punch.
  • Emboar using Low Kick and Focus Blast.
  • Sawk using Low Kick and Focus Blast.
  • Coballion using Metal Claw and Sacred Sword.
  • Therian Landorus using Mud Shot and Superpower.
  • Blastoise using Water Gun and Hydro Cannon.
  • Chesnaught using Low Kick and Superpower.

Even without these specific Pokemon and moves, using a high-CP counter to Tyranitar with appropriately type-advantaged moves should still produce desirable results, especially in raid situations with additional support. Pokemon GO players will likely need a little practice against Tyranitar to find their ideal lineup to battle it, but the rewards of catching it are very much well worth the effort.

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