How to evolve Feebas in Pokemon GO (November 2022)

Feebas may seem weak, but it
Feebas may seem weak, but it's evolution is much stronger (Image via Niantic)

Feebas arrived in Pokemon GO during the winter holidays of 2017, and it's been popular ever since. This is not necessarily on account of itself, but what it becomes when it evolves: the Water-type Pokemon Milotic.

Unlike many Pokemon in the popular mobile game, Feebas has a somewhat unconventional evolution method. It isn't as simple as feeding it candy and watching it evolve.


Instead, trainers will need to utilize Pokemon GO's Buddy System and travel quite a sizable distance. It's not easy, but Milotic is a quality Pocket Monster to obtain as a result.

For trainers who don't like to travel much, evolving Feebas may be an incredibly tall task. However, those willing to go the distance should be quite pleased when their hard work pays off.

Trainers can evolve Feebas in Pokemon GO using the Buddy System

Milotic is a much more formidable Pokemon compared to Feebas (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Milotic is a much more formidable Pokemon compared to Feebas (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Once Pokemon GO players have a quality Feebas, they'll want to evolve it quickly, as the creature can't do much on its own in battle.

To do so, trainers will want to set Feebas as their Buddy and keep moving as much as possible. Feebas requires a total of 20 kilometers of travel as a Buddy to enable its evolution option.

Additionally, trainers will need 100 Feebas candy, which can be tough to get. However, traveling with Feebas as a Buddy will certainly help.

Pokemon GO players can follow the steps below to evolve Feebas using the Buddy System:

  1. Once you're in the game, set Feebas as your Buddy. This can be accomplished by tapping your trainer portrait and clicking on the Buddy button that looks like two smiling faces. If you already have a Buddy set to travel with you, you can tap your current Buddy's portrait, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the Swap Buddies button. You should then be able to select Feebas and make it your active traveling partner.
  2. While Feebas is your Buddy, travel a total of 20 kilometers. To make the process easier, you should enable the Adventure Sync function in Pokemon GO. This can be done in the settings menu by tapping the small radial button next to it. Once you have the necessary access, you'll be able to track your distance even when the game isn't open. To check Feebas' distance traveled, tap its portrait and swipe "Daily Activities" right to "Total Activities."
  3. Once you've traveled 20km with Feebas, open its page by pressing the central Pokeball button and then selecting the "Pokemon" button. Scroll down or search for your Feebas and tap its icon. Scroll down again and press the evolve button. As long as you've traveled 20km and have 100 Feebas candy, the evolution should begin.

Compared to Feebas, Milotic is a much better monster in Pokemon GO.

Despite being a mono Water-type creature, Milotic is a very capable fighter in PvE battles. This is all thanks to its sizable defense and stamina stats, as well as its hard-hitting and versatile move collection.

It'll take more candy and Stardust to power it up, but Pokemon GO trainers can feel a sense of accomplishment with Milotic by their side in battle.

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