How to evolve Magneton in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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While getting a Magneton in Pokemon GO can be quite nice, evolving it into Magnezone can be a complex process.

Magnezone, generally, has only been around since Generation IV. It was one of several new evolutions to Kanto Pokemon (Togekiss, Rhyperior and Electavire as well as others).

Each of these Pokemon had unique ways to evolve, though, and the same goes for Magneton. Trainers needed to take their Magneton to Mount Coronet in Sinnoh and level it up to obtain Magnezone. The process is a bit less complicated in Pokemon GO, but it still requires a couple steps.

Which special item is needed to get Magnezone in Pokemon GO?

Getting from Magnemite to Magneton is a breeze (just use 25 Magnemite candies). In order to get to Magnezone, though, trainers will need to find a Magnetic Lure Module.

Trainers might be familiar with these Lure Modules. There are many other types, including a Rainy Lure Module and a Grassy Lure Module. These normally attract certain types of Pokemon. In the case of the Magnetic Lure Module - Electric, Rock and Steel Pokemon will start spawning more frequently.

To evolve Magneton, trainers will need to activate one of these Magnetic Lure Modules at a Pokemon stop. After that, it will only take 100 Magneton candies to fully evolve it into Magnezone.

The unfortunate news is that the only way to procure these items is through purchase. Trainers can pay for Magnetic Lure Modules at the shop for 200 Poke Coins. The only other real way to acquire one of these modules is to earn them through a research task or another objective during a special event.

If anyone is wondering whether or not Magnezone will be worth the effort, it can certainly be a strong Electric-type option, though it may be outclassed by other Pokemon with the same typing. Magnezone gets 205 base defense, which is impressive as most other electric-types are on the frail side.

Looking at raid counters for Gyarados, a Pokemon that is quite weak to Electric, Magnezone actually has the 13th quickest time to win. Shadow Magnezone, however, is ranked third as a Gyarados counter.

This is likely due to its access to Wild Charge, one of the best Electric moves out there.

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