How to find Wardens in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus takes place in the old Sinnoh region, known as Hisui. (Image via Game Freak)
Pokemon Legends Arceus takes place in the old Sinnoh region, known as Hisui. (Image via Game Freak)
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The Hisui region in Pokemon Legends Arceus will introduce trainers to new Pokemon and varied forms of familiar creatures.

One big change in Legends Arceus compared to the main series games is the Noble Pokemon that you will encounter on your journey. These super powerful creatures have protectors known as Wardens.


The Wardens are NPC characters similar to the main games' Gym Leaders in Pokemon Legends Arceus. You must contact them before facing the Noble Pokemon. As of now, there are four confirmed Wardens.

Where to find the Wardens in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Warden Mai in Pokemon Legends Arceus. (Image via Game Freak)
Warden Mai in Pokemon Legends Arceus. (Image via Game Freak)

More Wardens may appear in the full release of Pokemon Legends Arceus, as there are typically eight Gym Leaders in the main entries. It makes sense that there would be eight Wardens.

The ones that have been revealed by Game Freak so far are Mai, Lian, Iscan, and Arezu. They all have bracelets that match up with the Noble Pokemon they are tasked with protecting, but Arezu's has not been shown.

In Legends: Arceus, certain Pokémon have received a ‘mysterious blessing,’ making them powerful noble Pokémon. Two such noble Pokémon are Wyrdeer, the evolution of Stantler, and Kleavor, a new evolution of Scyther. Wardens are Hisuians tasked with the caretake of noble Pokémon.

It is important to note that these Noble Pokemon have been shown in trailers as being very useful outside of battle. It has been speculated that in Pokemon Legends Arceus, they will act as HM users.

Here I am deep diving into pokemon legends arceus, looks like wardens wear wristbands for their respective noble pokemon. And have diamond and pearl like symbols on their uniforms

It also appears that each region of Hisui will have a Noble Pokemon or two and a Warden who cares for the land. Here are the locations where each known Warden resides as protector:

  • Mai (Wyrdeer): Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Lian (Kleavor): Obsidian Fieldlands
  • Iscan (Basculegion): Hisui Sea
  • Arezu (N/A): N/A

While Pokemon Legends Arceus will be a mostly open world game, the Wardens will be a large part of the story. Trainers will more than likely be given direction on how to locate a Warden in each part of Hisui.

At this point, it is unclear how many Wardens might actually appear in Pokemon Legends Arceus. But with months left until launch, it is safe to say that it will be more than the four that have been shown by Game Freak.

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