How to get Elite TMs in Pokemon GO

Elite TMs can be used for fast moves or charge moves (Image via Niantic)
Elite TMs can be used for fast moves or charge moves (Image via Niantic)
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If Pokemon GO trainers want the best moveset for their Pokemon, they’re going to want to stock up on Elite TMs.

It can feel frustrating to spin the wheel on a regular TM on a great Pokemon, only to get a poor move. Elite TMs take the RNG out of the equation, though. They give players the choice of which move to teach their Pokemon. As with all valuable commodities in Pokemon GO, though, they’re somewhat hard to find.

Special item allows trainers to teach legacy moves to their Pokemon


To understand what Elite TMs even are, trainers must first understand what a legacy move is. When a Pokemon has a Community Day or Spotlight Hour, they may have a specific move for just the event. Afterwards, they lose access to it.

This becomes a legacy move: it’s an attack that the Pokemon once had access to but no longer does. For instance, Mewtwo received Psystrike during an event, and it is now a valuable legacy move. Elite TMs allow trainers to teach these forgotten moves to their Pokemon.

As of now, there are three ways to get Elite TMs. The first is to use the almighty dollar. Some bundles purchased at the shop, specifically Community Day boxes, can carry Elite TMs. These boxes cost 1280 Poke coins, which translates into roughly 10$.

Another method to getting these Elite TMs is through ranking up in the GO Battle League. Every season, there is usually a reward that comes in the form of an Elite TM. Luckily enough, Elite TMs can be earned in Go Battle League Season 9 by getting to Rank 19.

The final way trainers can get a hold of Elite Charge TMs is through completing Special Research and Timed Research. Every now and then, one of the rewards for completing a task in these Researches will be Elite TMs.

Unfortunately, none of the research in the Season of Mischief rewards the players with Elite TMs. The word is still out, however, on upcoming research. Therefore, it’s pretty possible more Elite TMs will be made available in the future.

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