How to get Vigoroth in Pokemon GO, and can it be Shiny?

How to get Vigorith in Pokemon GO
Vigoroth (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Vigoroth and its shiny forms are available in Pokemon GO and can be obtained in several different ways. Niantic debuted them alongside the main introduction of the Hoenn Pokemon in Dec 2017. It has been in the game for long, but despite that, the developer barely features them in events. The Normal-type Wild Monkey Pokemon is an excellent fighter in the Ultra League but is a rare find due to its limited availability.

You can get Vigoroth and Shiny Vigoroth in Pokemon GO if you follow some of the search approaches, like hunting in the wild. That said, here is a detailed guide on what trainers should do to bag both variants of Vigoroth.

How can you get Vigoroth in Pokemon GO?

Vigoroth in Scarlet and Violet (Image via TPC)
Vigoroth in Scarlet and Violet (Image via TPC)

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Vigoroth first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire before being introduced in the mobile game. It is even available to catch in Game Freak’s Scarlet and Violet, though this became possible because of the expansions.

That said, here is what you need to do if you want to get Vigoroth in Pokemon GO:

  • Encounter and catch in the wild
  • Complete Research Tasks
  • Evolve Slakoth

1) Encounter and catch in the wild

Vigoroth is extremely rare to encounter in the overworld. There is only one event that brought the monster back in the past. It was called A Very Slow Discovery, which allowed trainers to catch Vigoroth. However, Niantic did not feature its shiny form in that event. Aside from Pokemon GO events, the Wild Monkey Pokemon has been in the wild since Dec 8, 2017.

Trainers who want to find Vigoroth in the wild can activate Lure Modules and Incense. These items can improve the spawn rate of the Wild Vigoroth, but it is not a guaranteed find. Playing in partly cloudy weather conditions can further boost the rate of Vigoroth’s appearance in the wild.

2) Complete Research Tasks

Research task rewards Vigoroth (Image via TPC)
Research task rewards Vigoroth (Image via TPC)

Completing tasks is another way to get Vigoroth. Quests can be received by spinning PokeStops, making an in-game purchase, and more. However, not all of them present encounters with the monster. Therefore, you have to look for a particular task which offers this present.

As a matter of fact, Vigoroth was once obtainable from a Timed Research task of the Pokemon World Championship 2023 event. Except for this, Niantic has yet to return the monster in other research stories.

3) Evolve Slakoth

You can feed your Slakoth 25 Slakoth Candies to evolve it into a Vigoroth in Pokemon GO. If you don’t have the required Candy, then you can set a Slakoth as your Buddy Pokemon. The Buddy can help self-collect its candies from the wild.

How do you get Shiny Vigoroth in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Vigoroth (Image via TPC)
Shiny Vigoroth (Image via TPC)

You can get Shiny Vigoroth by catching up with its Shiny odd in the wild, completing Research quests, or evolving a Shiny Slakoth. Getting a regular variant is much easier than a Shiny, but if you get lucky, you can obtain one.

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