Pokemon GO Lure Module guide: All Lures, special evolutions, how to get, and more

How to get all Lure Module in Pokemon GO?
Types of Lure Module (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

One of the methods to increase the spawn rate in Pokemon GO is the lure strategy, which also enhances your chances of influencing spawns. There are two in-game items with lure power: Incense and Lure Module. Both resources are equally important when looking at their effects, but their behavior sets them apart. If you want to draw specific types of critters, you need a module.

However, it will only attract some species of the same type. Incense, on the other hand, attracts any Pokemon randomly.

There are six types of Lure Modules with unique effects and usage. Some modules help you trigger an evolution, while others generally boost the appearance of Pokemon in the wild. This guide covers Lures, special evolution, and how to get them in Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon GO: Types of Lure Modules

Lure Modules as they appear in the game (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Lure Modules as they appear in the game (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

There are multiple Lure Modules that you can attach to a Pokestop to activate its effects in Pokemon GO. Using a standard module attracts 'mons that regularly appear in the wild. Conversely, the special Lures have a unique behavior, spawning monsters of specific types. Here is the list of all Lure Modules in Niantic's AR mobile title.

Regular Lure Module:

Of all Pokemon GO Lure Modules, regular lures are commonly found in the game. Once activated, its mechanic allows you to attract critters to your area. You can place it at a Pokestop to increase general spawns for 30 minutes. It doesn't have special effects or behavior like other special lures.

Glacial Lure Module:

The glacial Lure Module is a frosty lure item with unique behavior. Its mechanic attracts specific Pokemon types. If you want to collect Ice and Water-type monsters, using the Glacial Lure Module would be a great choice. This resource can lure both solo and dual Ice and Water-type Pokemon.

Mossy Lure Module:

Mossy Lure Module is a natural lure resource that attracts three Pokemon types near a Pokestop. The effect of the lure lasts for 30 minutes, and during that period, you can encounter Bug, Grass, and Poison-type fighters.

Magnetic Lure Module:

Magnetic Lure Module is an electronic lure capable of attracting three types of fighters. If you activate it, its effect lures Electric, Steel, and Rock-type species. You and your friends can collect two Magnetic Lure Modules to enjoy a high spawn rate for one hour.

Rainy Lure Module:

To attract Water, Bug, and Electric-type Pokemon near your location, activate a Rainy Lure Module. Strategically using this item can boost the spawn rate further. For instance, if you wish to gather Froakie Candies to get Greninja, activate the Rainy Lure Module to boost Froakie's appearance in wild encounters.

Golden Lure Module:

Golden Lure Module is one of the rarest lure items with unique effects and behavior in Pokemon GO. When you attach this item to a Pokestop, its effect changes the color of the Pokestop to golden. The primary purpose of the Golden Lure Module is to collect Gimmighoul Coins from Roaming Form Gimmighoul.

Pokemon GO: How to trigger special evolutions?

Use Lure Module to start the evolution process. (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Use Lure Module to start the evolution process. (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Regular modules have the ability to lure Pokemon, but special ones can even evolve a critter in Pokemon GO. Some monsters need a particular Lure Module to cause an evolution. For example, you cannot evolve Magneton into Magnezone. You need to feed 25 candies to Magnemite to get Magneton. After that, you must activate a Magnetic Lure Module to get Magnezone.

Here is the list of special Lure Modules that cause an evolution.

Mossy Lure Module

  • Leafeon

Glacial Lure Module

  • Crabominable
  • Glaceon

Magnetic Lure Module

  • Magnezone
  • Probopass
  • Vikavolt

Rainy Lure Module

  • Goodra

Remember, you and your friends can benefit from these Lures by visiting the Pokestop together. It doesn't matter who activates them. You can trigger an evolution if you are within the lured Pokestop's radius.

Pokemon GO: How to get all Lure Modules?

Spend Pokecoins to get Lure Module (Image via Niantic/Serebii)
Spend Pokecoins to get Lure Module (Image via Niantic/Serebii)

Obtaining items like Stardust and Candy is pretty straightforward, but gathering Lure Modules is complex and costly. You can spend Pokecoins to get the desired module, except the Golden Lure Module. However, to receive a standard Lure, you can level up your Pokemon GO ID or complete a specific Research Task.

The table below reveals the cost of each Lure Module in the Pokestore.

Glacial Lure Moduleuse 180 coins
Mossy Lure Moduleuse 180 coins
Magnetic Lure Moduleuse 180 coins
Rainy Lure Moduleuse 180 coins
Lure Module, 8 Lure Moduleuse 100 coins, 680 coins
Golden Lure ModuleSend one Postcard daily for five days to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

You can purchase any Lures by spending a few Pokecoins in the in-game store. All special lures have similar prices (180), while the standard ones cost less. You can also buy a bundle of 8 Lure Modules for 680 to save some coins in Pokemon GO.

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