5 Best Fast Attacks in Pokemon GO (January 2024)

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO's combat system is more akin to fighting games than standard Pokemon gameplay (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The battling system in Pokemon GO is starkly different from the one in the remaining entries in the Pokemon franchise. Rather than the slower, turn-based RPG approach the franchise is known for, Niantic's mobile game goes for a more action-oriented battle system utilizing a combination of light and heavy attacks. This makes up for an interesting set of mechanics for players to dive into.

The light and heavy attack mechanics of the title are accomplished by integrating Fast Attacks and Charged Attacks. Nearly every Pokemon that trainers use comes with a varied combination of these attacks, which contributes to one of the core pillars of Pokemon GO's Battle League and its metagame.

With Fast Attacks being most of the Pocket Monster's main source of damage, many trainers would like to know which are best in the game and how much damage they can dish out. It also helps if they know which moves correspond to which Pokemon.

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Charm, Mud Shot, and three other best Fast Attacks in Pokemon GO

These five are the best Fast Attacks that the players can use to defeat their opponents in Pokemon GO:

1) Charm

Charm (Image via TPC)
Charm (Image via TPC)

Charm is one of the hardest-hitting Attacks in the game. In PvE settings, it has a base power of 20 (with a DPS stat of 13.33). It generates energy at the rate of 7.33 per second. In PvP battles, Charm deals 15 base damage, at the rate of 5 damage per turn. It has a relatively low energy output of 2 per turn, but the heavy offensive pressure it exerts makes up for it.

Some of the best users of Charm in PvE are Gardevoir, Granbull, and Togekiss. In PvP battles, Alolan Ninetales, Wigglytuff, and Whimsicott are some of the best Charmers.

2) Mud Shot

Mud Shot (Image via TPC)
Mud Shot (Image via TPC)

Mud Shot is a low-damage move that sees a lot of play in Pokemon GO due to its high energy-generation speed. This ensures that the users of this Ground-type Fast Attack can get to Charged Attacks quickly and use them multiple times, effectively dealing more damage.

Mud Shot has deals 8.33 DPS and generates 11.67 EPS in PvP settings. Some of the best users of this Fast Attack in these scenarios are Mega Garchomp, Excadrill, and Primal Groudon. In trainer battles, Mud Shot is one of the most popular attacks, preferred by meta picks like Swampert, Galarian Stunfisk, Whiscash, and so on.

A close relative of Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, received game-changing buffs in the GO Battle League Season 17 update.

3) Dragon Tail

Dragon Tail (Image via TPC)
Dragon Tail (Image via TPC)

Dragon Tail takes the number three spot, and for good reason. Not only is this the third-best Fast Attack in the game, but it is also the best Dragon-type Fast Attack in Pokemon GO.

With a DPS value of 13 and a cast time of 1.5 seconds, Pokemon with this attack are going to be cleaving through their opponents. Critters that can learn this attack include Rayquaza, Dragonite, and notably, even non-Dragon-type critters like Steelix.

4) Water Shuriken

Water Shuriken (Image via TPC)
Water Shuriken (Image via TPC)

Water Shuriken is a unique Water-type Fast Attack in Pokemon GO that can presently be accessed by only two Pocket Monsters: Greninja and Accelgor. What makes the move so fascinating is the incredible potential it has when it comes to energy generation.

Fast Attacks are usually focused on dealing damage or generating energy, with most excelling in only one field. However, Water Shurkinen deals 9.09 DPS while generating 13.64 EPS in PvE settings. In PvP battles, the move deals 2 damage per turn while generating 4.66 energy.

5) Incinerate

Incinerate (Image via TPC)
Incinerate (Image via TPC)

Incinerate is a Fire-type Fast Attack. It is the only move in Pokemon GO that takes five turns to be executed. This makes timing Charge Attacks optimally against it quite a tricky job. With the recent buffs it received in the December 2023 update, it now deals 12.61 DPS and generates 8.70 EPS in PvE settings. In trainer battles, It deals 20 damage and generates 20 energy every time it is used.

Some of the most notable Incinerate users in the game are Shadow Chandelure, Shadow Typhlosion, Darmanitan, when thinking about PvE, and Skeledirge, Ho-Oh, and Talonflame, when considering PvP.

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