How Mew’s greater move choices in Pokemon Unite add that layer of complexity the game sorely requires

Mew will certainly be an interesting challenge (Image via Nintendo)
Mew will certainly be an interesting challenge (Image via Nintendo)

Pokemon Unite has grown over the last year, but the developers are just getting started. With the recent conclusion of the World Championships and the first anniversary, there's a lot more coming the way of the players.

If the upcoming Pokemons are anything to go by, things might get a bit more complex in the coming days.

The game has grown massively since its release, and there has been a constant emphasis on adding more and more Pokemon. It keeps things fresh and allows users to go for alternate strategies.

While there are some exciting choices in the title, Mew seems completely different from what's in the game.


Firstly, gamers can obtain a license from the event, which is excellent news. However, Mew's design seems to be a conscious shift from the typical formula followed so far.

It's more complex to look at from the outset and will surely be harder to master. Yet, there's a case for introducing such Pokemon in the game.

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Pokemon Unite needs to change its outlook among fans if it wants to have more success

There's no shortage of MOBA games on the market as the genre has dramatically evolved from the days of League of Legends and Dota. Fans today have plenty of options to choose from on both PCs and mobiles. For those unaware, Pokemon Unite is available on Android, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch.


While some fans were a bit aghast after the first announcement, the title has grown dramatically since its release. One significant positive so far has been the difference between Pokemon and how they play in the game.

While some are harder to manage, few, like Snorlax and Pikachu, are effective and beginner friendly.

Typically, every Pokemon in the game has two options to choose from in each slot. This allows flexibility and scope for players to differ in their strategies from one match to another.

With Mew, things will change even more as it brings something that's not yet in the game.


Mew will not have two but three options for every slot, which means far more choices. But it's high risk and high reward, as users can easily overthink and make a wrong decision.

On the other hand, it offers them more choices which could be helpful in certain game situations.

It also increases the potential for different item builds in the game. Item builds in Pokemon Unite are important since the effectiveness of the Pokemon and its moves depend on it. The greater choice of moves will also mean a greater variety in item builds.

However, not every move is suitable for every build; this is where complexity kicks in. One wrong choice could be disastrous for the gamers and their team.


More importantly, not every move is equally helpful throughout the title. Some are beneficial in the early game, while others scale up as the game progresses. Getting skewed at one end will be highly sub-optimal and result in a bad loss.

While all this would seem complex to players, it's a good change. Pokemon Unite is faster-paced than other MOBAs, and the emphasis on item builds are relatively more simplistic. This new change in available options for moves certainly makes things much more enjoyable.


Mew will also be the start of things as the two other Pokemons slated for September in Pokemon Unite entries have complexities. Dodrio will have a running gage which will require users to be on the move to channel the Pokemon's full potential.

Overall, it's clear that Pokemon Unite is changing its nature. Scyther/Scizor will take it to a new level as the two are separate Pokemon with unique styles.

It can be triggered with a specific move, essentially depending on the game's condition. While certain aspects will remain the same, gamers must improve their game to reach the top levels.

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