All About Mew Pokémon

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Perhaps one of the most iconic Pokemon of the original 151 would be Mew. We have the first Pokemon movie to thank for its debut against Mewtwo. It is rather notorious for the playground tall tales of glitching out of maps to obtain by some moving truck or some other ridiculous myth. Mew was only able to be obtained by special Nintendo endorsed events in Japan. Mew’s rarity and interesting lore keep players intrigued and this guide will show you just about everything there is to know about this elusive Pokemon.

Mew Pokemon

About Mew

Mew was first seen in the aptly named 1998 Pokemon: The First Movie where it helped our heroes fight back against Mewtwo. It is an incredibly elusive Pokemon even in the Pokemon canon. It is a bipedal Pokemon that seems to be capable of flight. In the Pokemon lore, it is known to have every Pokemon’s DNA. It is one of the only Pokemon capable of learning any move, technical machine, technical record, hidden machine, or move tutor-able moves. While it may not seem like it, Mew is covered in pink fur that requires a microscope to see. It is a rather small psychic Pokemon.

First appearance in animePokemon: The First Movie
First appearance in gameRed/Green (Japan) Red/Blue (International)
Region Kanto
Evolution N/A
1st Evo levelN/A
2nd Evo levelN/A
Pokedex EntrySo rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts. Only a few people have seen it worldwide.

Mew Base Stats


Appearance of Mew

Mew has a pink body and a long and thin tail with an ovular end. It has two legs that end at its feet, two short arms that end with three-fingered paws, and two pointed ears. You can see that Mew has two large eyes with blue irises. It is also common to see Mew depicted with a small bubble around it, as a type of psychic shield or transport. Despite Mew’s relatively simple design, its lore and role in the Pokemon universe have become the source of intrigue.

Appearance of Mew

Behavior of Mew

Mew is quite a reclusive Pokemon, and it is stated in the movies that it will only reveal itself to someone who is pure of heart. It is also capable of invisibility and flight, making it quite difficult to locate. Like many psychic-type Pokemon, it seems to hold a high degree of empathy and attempts to bridge the gap between Pokemon and their trainers. In the non-movie appearances of Mew, it appears to be quite mischievous, and finding Mew in the anime episodes is an easter egg in and of itself.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Perhaps Mew’s most interesting strength is the fact that it can learn just about any move in the entirety of the games. With the exceptions of Pokemon exclusive moves like Draco meteor and secret sword. You can teach Mew any move you would like to help you cover any type of weaknesses in your party. However, being a psychic type Pokemon, it would be best to stick with psychic type moves for the Same Type Attack Bonus. Given its perfectly balanced stats, you can hone Mew into any type of role. However, it seems that most competitive players trying to make Mew work, use it as a supportive/status effect inflicting Pokemon.

Shiny Mew

If regular Mew’s exclusivity was not enough, you can also catch a shiny Mew. Shiny Mew would be quite the triumph to behold. While many players can cheat in shinies through the virtue of cheat engines, it is possible to catch a shiny Mew during special Nintendo endorsed events. In fact, these events are the only time you can legitimately catch a Mew. If you want a shiny Mew, you will need to keep up to date with special Nintendo events and be very lucky to see the coveted shiny Mew.

Shiny Mew

Ancient Mew

A rather special card of the Pokemon TCG is the Ancient Mew. Ancient Mew was obtained from the NA Pokemon 2000 movie promo. You could only obtain Ancient Mew by attending the Pokemon movie that was released in 2000. The MSRP of Ancient Mew is currently floating around 60 USD. Unfortunately, this card is banned from the Pokemon TCG from official tournaments as it is written in a language that players cannot read. Therefore it is entirely a collector’s ambition that keeps this card’s value as it is.

Ancient Mew

Best Moveset

Since Mew can learn just about any move in the game, you can have quite a bit of fun determining what Mew’s best moveset ought to be. What competitive Pokemon players tend to go with is seismic toss, taunt, will-o-wisp, and soft-boiled. This set seeks to take advantage of Mew’s health stats and keep it as an annoyance for your opponents. Remember that Mew’s strength is being able to learn any move in the game, so surprise your opponents to gain an advantage. Since Mew has entirely balanced stats, it, unfortunately, falls under the category of jack of all trades, but master of none. Therefore, it is mostly used for support or disrupting your opponent’s play.

Seismic Toss/Knock OffTaunt

How to Catch Mew in Pokemon Go

Believe it or not, this incredibly elusive Pokemon is obtainable in Pokemon Go. During the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto Event, Mew was offered as a reward for completing all of the special research tasks. If “A Mythical Discovery” is still available for you, you can obtain a Mew for yourself. You cannot catch Mew in the wild nature. During this event, the Mew that was offered at the end of the special research tasks was always shiny making it quite a spectacular event.

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  1. Mewtwo is a clone of Mew, but Mew is the last Pokemon in the Pokedex for the original 151 Pokemon.
  2. In the generation 3 variants of LeafGreen and FireRed, Mew is the only Pokemon that cannot be encountered.
  3. Out of all the English Pokemon names, Mew is the shortest name along with Muk.


Q. Is Mew Stronger than Mewtwo?

While Mew triumphed over Mewtwo in the movie, Mewtwo has a much better stat allocation than Mew in the games. Mewtwo is faster, has higher attack stats, and is only lacking in the physical defense stat compared to Mew. With this in mind, Mewtwo is stronger than Mew in the games. However, Mewtwo is not capable of learning almost every move in the game.

Q. Why is Mew so Special?

Other than its rarity, Mew is capable of learning almost any move in Pokemon. Even without its exclusiveness, Mew would be a desirable Pokemon to help you cover any type of issues you require. Mew was only offered during special events in Pokemon history, making it a relatively special Pokemon.

Q. Is Mew a God?

Mew is not known to be a God even in the Pokemon canon. That title belongs to Arceus, however, every Pokemon’s DNA can be found in Mew, making it the evolutionary predecessor of every Pokemon. Other than that, Mew is not regarded as a God by anyone in the Pokemon universe.


Congratulations, you now know why many players hold Mew in such high regard. This rare Pokemon is full of surprises and many players love to utilize its rarity and exclusivity to show off their dedication to the series. There is a lot to uncover with this Pokemon, tall tales, unique capabilities, and intriguing lore. The fans of the franchise truly made this Pokemon a thing of legends.