How to solo defeat Raikou in Pokemon GO 5-star raids

How to solo defeat Raikou in Pokemon GO
How to solo defeat Raikou in Pokemon GO (Image via The Pokemon Company/TPC)

After Kartana, Celesteela, and Genesect, the final round of September's 5-star Pokemon GO raids start at 10 am local time on September 23, 2023. Raikou, Suicune, and Entei will be the stars of these raids, which will last till 10 am local time on October 6, 2023. This article will focus on the Thunder Pokemon from the Legendary Beasts trio.

To be clear, 5-star raids in Pokemon GO are not the easiest encounters out there and were designed to be a community activity where players come together to take down a powerful adversary. This makes taking down these raid bosses a tall task for solo raiders. However, for many reasons, it might not be possible for you to get together with other people to fight against Raikou in raids, or you simply might want the challenge of beating the critter on your own.

Either way, you can only hope to achieve this feat if you are a very high-level trainer with multiple maxed-out Pocket Monsters on your team.

Note: The suggestions in this article are based on simulations under ideal conditions, and the results may vary based on various factors.

How to defeat Raikou raid solo in Pokemon GO

Raikou promo poster (Image via TPC)
Raikou promo poster (Image via TPC)

Raikou is a pure Electric-type Pocket Monster in Pokemon GO. This means it has only one weakness: Ground. It is also important to note that it has three resistances: Electric, Flying, and Steel.

The rest of the elemental types do neutral damage, but you have no chance of beating 5-star Raikou with neutral damage.

Raikou will have a combat power (CP) of 45,435. This is in the medium range when it comes to 5-star raids. However, being an Attack-weighted creature, this stat product is a result of the additional weightage that the Attack stat gets when calculating CP. Raikou has a base 241 Attack, 195 Defense, and 207 Stamina.

In Pokemon GO, Raikou can use Thunder Shock and Volt Switch as Fast Attacks along with Thunder, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, and Shadow Ball as Charged Attack.

Therefore, taking in a team of strong and bulky Ground-type critters will give you the best chance to defeat Raikou. Moreover, Shadow forms of Pocket Monsters, which have a higher damage potential than regular forms, are preferred.

The following level 50 Pokemon with the best possible IVs are the best counters to Raikou if you are attempting to solo defeat in Pokemon GO raids:

  • Shadow Garchomp with Mud Shot and Earth Power
  • Shadow Mamoswine with Mud-Slap and High Horsepower
  • Groudon with Mud Shot and Precipice Blades
  • Shadow Rhyperior with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Landorus Therian with Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • Shadow Rhydon with Mud-Slap and Earthquake

Your team should also consist of one Mega Evolution. Eligible options for this fight are:

  • Primal Groudon with Mud Shot and Precipice Blades
  • Mega Swampert with Mud Shot and Earthquake

Lastly, your team is bound to faint multiple times over the course of this fight. To save time in between, make sure to have enough Max Revives in your stock so that you don't waste time separately reviving and healing your team.

Raikou in the anime (Image via TPC)
Raikou in the anime (Image via TPC)

Shiny Raikou encounters will be available after you defeat the critter if you are lucky. That said, take another person to raid with you so that you don't end up wasting resources because of minor errors.

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