Is Lapras worth using in Pokemon GO?

Lapras still has plenty to offer trainers (Image via Niantic)
Lapras still has plenty to offer trainers (Image via Niantic)
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A popular Water/Ice-type Pokemon originating from Generation I, Lapras can be a force in Pokemon GO battles.

With its moveset and considerable HP stats, Lapras is a bulky pick in Great and Ultra League in Pokemon GO. It depreciates somewhat in Master League due to its stat limitations, but Lapras still has plenty to offer trainers that are willing to pour time and resources into it.


Furthermore, Lapras makes for a decent enough choice in PvE environments such as Team GO Rocket battles and gym raids, though it shines the most in PvP situations with the right team around it.

Pokemon GO: The best moves for Lapras to learn for PvP

Lapras can carry many trainers to victory in PvP battles (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Lapras can carry many trainers to victory in PvP battles (Image via The Pokemon Company)

As a Water/Ice-type Pokemon, Lapras will want to stick to moves that match its type to utilize the Same Type Attack Bonuses(STAB), which improves its damage. However, type coverages matter in Pokemon GO PvP as they do in any Pokemon game, so keeping a neutral-damage option is also a viable pick when it comes to outfitting Lapras.

Since trainers can fit Pokemon with two Charge Moves in Pokemon GO, this category is the best place to pick up a neutral-damage option (one that deals standard damage regardless of most elemental types).

For most intents and purposes in Pokemon GO, Lapras is best served by using the moves Ice Shard and Surf. These moves receive STAB, Ice Shard provides better energy returns, and Surf is Lapras' perfect Water-type Charge Move. Regarding secondary Charge Moves, most trainers prefer either Ice Beam or Skull Bash.

Ice Beam can provide a higher damage Ice-type option for taking down the oft-seen Dragon-types, and Skull Bash is the ideal neutral-damage option that Lapras has available.

Is Lapras worth the considerable investments?


Unfortunately, the best moveset for Lapras does include some moves from Pokemon GO that are now known as Legacy Moves. This means that they're more challenging to access than usual, and it may take considerable investment into Lapras to optimize its moveset.

Fortunately, Lapras shows that time and resources spent towards it bring good returns. This may change as more Pokemon are released, and Niantic decides to tweak several moves. But for now, Lapras is an excellent option for a Great or Ultra League team.

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