Hisuian forms for starter evolutions revealed in Pokemon Legends Arceus trailer

These silhouettes show the Hisuian forms for Decidueye, Typhlosion and Samurott (Image via Serebii)
These silhouettes show the Hisuian forms for Decidueye, Typhlosion and Samurott (Image via Serebii)
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Another trailer has dropped for the upcoming Pokemon Legend: Arceus game, and it all but confirms that the evolutions of the starters are getting new forms.

There has recently been a huge wave of leaked information about the game, which releases on January 28. Apparently, there will be many new Hisuian forms, much more than have been shown in previous trailers. The new additions will be just some of many surprises in what looks to be a very groundbreaking title.

Will the starter Pokemon be recieving new forms for their final evolutions?


As seen in a recent trailer, the starters in Pokemon Legends: Arceus will each be getting new forms for their final evolutions. This is in line with early information that has been spread through Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet recently.

The footage for these new Hisuian forms was, surprisingly, very brief. The trailer showed animations for each starter’s secondary evolution (Quilava, Dewott and Dartrix) evolving into their final form. This ended with a small glimpse of the faces for Hisuian Typhlosion, Samurott and Decidueye before the clip ended.

Despite the images being very dark and cloudy, the visages of these new evolutions could be made out, and they do match what early leaks have shown. Seribii was also able to release silhouettes of the new evolutions. If these leaks are totally true, then each of these Pokemon is getting a new typing.

Hisuian Typhlosion is to be Fire-type and Ghost-type, Hisuian Samurott will be Water-type and Dark-type, and finally Hisuian Decidueye will be Grass-type and Fighting-type. Each evolution will also be learning new signature moves.

Not much else was shown in the trailer. The other clips were mostly things that have already been seen, like Jubilife City and the battle against Kleavor.

This means that there are several other Pokemon that have been leaked but not officially shown in a trailer yet. Some examples would be Sneasler, Overquil, and Ursaluna. There will allegedly be another genie named Enamourus that will join Tornadus, Landorus, and Thundurus.

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