How to catch Foongus in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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The Mushroom Pokemon Foongus is available on Pokemon GO, but how do trainers find it?

Foongus and its evolution, Amoongus, are two of the bulkiest Grass-type Pokemon in the game. In Pokemon GO, Amoongus has 249 Stamina. It may not be as defensive as Blissey, but it can certainly fit on a Gym Defense team, especially considering all of the Water-types running around. Here is how trainers can find this Pokemon.

How to catch Foongus in Pokemon GO

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak

Foongus, like most Grass Pokemon, can be found in areas with lots of flora. These mostly apply to forests and wooded areas. Lawns and patches of grass also suffice, but many other types of Pokemon also can be found in those environments, so it’s less guaranteed.

Any trainers who were looking for Foongus on Saturday, 24 April, were very lucky due to the Friendship Day Collection Challenge. This event had trainers catching a number of Grass-type Pokemon, one of which was Foongus.

All of these Pokemon, which also included Chikorita, Bellsprout and Ferroseed, had a higher spawn rate during the event. This made it a golden opportunity for trainers to add Foongus to their squad.

Not only were players rewarded with the Grass-types that they caught, but completing the challenge led to a seriously big prize. Any trainer that caught every Pokemon in the challenge received 175,000 XP.

Considering the fact that each catch also rewards XP individually, trainers could easily load up on XP from this event alone. Hopefully, participants in this challenge had an incense to attract more Pokemon for easy encounters. If anyone had a Lucky Egg, too, they could double all of the XP that they earned in that event. Basically, if anyone had trouble leveling up Pokemon, it wasn’t an issue if they beat the entire challenge.

Foongus was one of the many new Pokemon introduced in the Unova Pokedex. It could initially be caught outside of Driftveil City. From an overhead perspective, both Foongus and Amoongus have the appearance of a Pokeball. Foongus also had a very powerful ability in Regenerator. With this ability, Foongus would revive HP whenever it switched out of battle. This was a nice bonus for trainers so they could save their Potions and Full Restores.

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