Is Galarian Slowking coming to Pokemon GO?

Galarian Slowking has a Shellder atop its head (Image via Twitter/PokemonGoApp)
Galarian Slowking has a Shellder atop its head (Image via Twitter/PokemonGoApp)
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It looks like a new Slowpoke evolution is making its way into Pokemon GO.

Galarian Slowking made its first ever appearance in the Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Its brethren, Slowbro, also received a Galarian form in the Isle of Armor DLC. Both of these Pokemon trade their Water typing for Poison in their Galarian versions. Galarian Slowbro was released earlier in the year, but now it looks like its counterpart is finally arriving.

New Pokemon coming during Halloween Event


According to the Pokemon GO Twitter account, it is heavily hinted that Galarian Slowking will be making its Pokemon GO debut during the Halloween Event. This event will run from Friday, October 15 until All Hallows Eve (Sunday, October 31).

The tweet itself shows a mysterious shillouete of a Pokemon. The outline of Galarian Slowking’s headdress, however, can be clearly seen.

The tweet also read “We’ve heard reports of mysterious chanting deep in the wild...what’s going on?” This is, in all likelihood, a reference to Galarian Slowking’s Pokedex entry from Pokemon Shield.

In the Generation VIII game, the Pokedex entry reads, “While chanting strange spells, this Pokémon combines its internal toxins with what it's eaten, creating strange potions.”

Pokemon GO fans have waited quite a while for Galarian Slowking. During the Very Slow Discovery event back in June, Galarian Slowpoke came into the game, but only with the Galarian Slowbro evolution.

When the event was announced, the Pokemon GO team said that Galarian Slowking would be “taking its time to make its Pokemon GO appearance.” Apparently, it was waiting until October to appear.

Although it isn’t in the game yet, the stats and movepool for Galarian Slowking have been released. It will have 190 Attack, 180 Defense, and a high 216 Stamina.

The quick moves Galarian Slowking will get access to are Acid, Confusion and Hex. Its charge moves will be Shadow Ball, Future Sight and Sludge Wave.

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