New Marill Limited Research Day coming to Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

The chance to encounter a Shiny Marill in Pokemon GO will be increased on Sunday, May 9th, 2021 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM local time during the event-exclusive timed Research tasks.

The Fairy-type Pokemon, Marill, will be the exclusive Pokemon during this Timed Research event. Marill is a water and fairy type Pokemon from the Johto region in Pokemon GO, with its best offensive moves to optimize a trainer's Damage Per Second (DPS) being Bubble and Aqua Tail.

Typically, this pokemon is blue, but during this Timed Research event, trainers will have the opportunity to catch the rare, green, shiny version of Marill. If trainers come across a Marill while hunting, it is suggested not to use Charmander as he is particularly vulnerable to Marill. Chances of encountering the bright green shiny form will increase as Marill will be everywhere during the Limited Research event.

How to Get Marill in Pokemon GO

Of course, as this is a research event in Pokemon GO, there will be tasks to complete. Some of these tasks include earning 1 candy, walking your buddy, making 15 nice throws, catching 5 fairy-type Pokemon, and hatching 1 egg.

There will be Timed Research and Field Research that will lead to Pokemon encounters with Marill, including a chance to encounter the Shiny Marill. Be sure to stock up on Pokeballs and berries to help increase the chance of catching Shiny Marill in Pokemon GO.

It is recommended to use incense to lure in the shiny Marill during the event to encounter and capture as many (if any) as possible. Also, be sure to visit multiple Pokestops to get that Field Research. Visiting the same Pokestop will not provide the same Field Research. When trainers are low on Pokeballs and berries, it is recommended to open gifts and purchase pokeballs in the store.

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