Pokemon Sword & Shield's Shiny Eternatus giveaway goes live across more countries

Players from various countries around the world can finally participate in the giveaway of this legendary monster (Images via The Pokemon Company)
Players from various countries around the world can finally participate in the giveaway of this legendary monster (Images via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Sword & Shield players in Europe have recently been blessed with an exclusive giveaway in the form of a Shiny Eternatus. This free handout of the alternate-colored Poison/Dragon-type legendary monster was initially announced for a handful of regions - USA/Canada and Australia/New Zealand, specifically. Now, new players from more countries will also be able to participate.

The new list of regions includes Asia and more European countries as well. Check out the details below to find out more.

The shiny variant of the legendary Pokemon is now up for grabs worldwide

For starters, here is the duration the giveaway will air for in each region:

  • USA/Canada: September 18 - October 1, 2022
  • Australia/New Zealand: September 27 - October 1, 2022
  • Asia: September 16 - November 17, 2022
  • Europe: October 1 - November 17, 2022

Unfortunately, time's up for American and Canadian Pokemon fans, as well as the Australians and New Zealanders. Asia, on the other hand, sees the longest duration for the giveaway, while it recently opened up to European fans. On that note, here are the venues players can visit in their region to avail of the giveaway:

  • Philippines - Toys 'R' Us, TOYBOX, Toy Kingdom, ITech, SM Department Store, GameXtreme, Game One, DataBlitz
  • Singapore - Best Dekni, BS Sons, Car Nation, Challenger, Gain City, Game Resort, Game Martz, Gamextreme, generation Games, Harvey Norma, Parisilk, PLAYe, Popular, Pokémon Center Singapore, TOG, Toys Termina, War Games, Zark Games
  • Malaysia - Brother's Game, Game On, Gamer's Hideout, Impulse Gaming, M4G, Mission World, Unite Game
  • Thailand - Game Stores
  • UK - GAME, Smyths
  • France - Micromania
  • Italy - Gamestop
  • Belgium/Netherlands - GameMania
  • Denmark - Nintendo Pusheren, Proshop
  • Norway - Outland
  • Greece - Game Explorers
  • Sweden - Arcade Dreams, Euronics Sala, INET, Lekia Söderhamn, Lekia Arvika, Lekia Umeå, Mediamarkt, Place HD, Skivakuten Hudiksvall, Spel & Sånt, Webhallen
  • Norway - Gamingsjappa, Neo Tokyo, Outland, PLATEKOMPANIET, Pku, Spilldall

Is Shiny Eternatus worth it?

Considering that Eternatus is a legendary Pokemon, which are powerful monsters often found during the endgame or postgame, the answer is a resounding yes. The shiny variation is the cherry on top thanks to the one being catchable in-game being shiny-locked - meaning it cannot spawn in a color-palette swapped variant, which is what the "shiny" term refers to.

Here are the stats for Shiny Eternatus:

  • Type: Poison/Dragon
  • Level: 100
  • Nature: Timid
  • Moves: Dynamax Cannon. Eternabeam, Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower
  • Ability: Pressure

Pokemon Sword & Shield is a turn-based RPG representing generation 8 in the long-running monster-catching series from developer Game Freak. It is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

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